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Florida Man Threatens Judge’s Life after Custody Case

— October 6, 2017

Florida Man Threatens Judge’s Life after Custody Case

Florida resident Alan McCarty, 35, threatened to shoot Judge Stasia Warren of the Seventh Judicial Circuit Court who oversees cases in Flagler, Putnam, St. Johns and Volusia Counties after he didn’t get the terms he expected from a child custody case.  Warren, who took the bench in 2016, also hears the county’s juvenile delinquency and dependency cases.

McCarty reportedly made his threats to several 911 dispatchers.  He can be heard yelling in four separate calls released by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.  In the first of the four, McCarty opens by stating he wants to report a crime “that’s about to happen.”  He then proceeds to tell the dispatcher he has a gun pointed at the Volusia County Courthouse and demands the judge be brought out so he can “execute” her.

Court records indicate McCarty specifically yells, “I got a (expletive deleted) gun pointed at your (expletive deleted) building.”  He goes on to say, “I’m letting you know I’m going to shoot this (expletive deleted). You gonna (expletive deleted) give me my kids” and “Your judge is gonna (expletive deleted) die for sabotaging people’s cases.”

Florida Man Threatens Judge's Life after Custody Case
Image Courtesy of Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office

McCarty evidently was offended when one of the dispatchers referred to him as “sir,” and responded with more profanities. “Who the (expletive deleted) you calling sir, you stupid (expletive deleted)? Don’t call me names. You call me names, I’m going to call you some. I ain’t your (expletive deleted) sir you dumb (expletive deleted).”  He then diverted the conversation back to his original intentions, yelling, “Where’s your Judge Warren at?” You’re going to bring that (expletive deleted) out in handcuffs and I’m going to (expletive deleted) execute that (expletive deleted) right in the (expletive deleted) street.”  At one point, McCarty also referred to having the judge’s head below his knife.

The calls were traced to Northwest Florida and a law enforcement officer recognized his voice from another “hostile” message left on the judge’s assistant’s line back in July.  Volusia County Crime Center analysts were able to match the previous recording with the caller’s voice, according to Andrew Grant, Volusia County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson.  Gant says the calls were all “aggressive, vulgar and threatening from the start.”  Officers checked on Warren after the threats, advised her of what had happened, and kept her updated her on the status of the case.

Although the judge was never physically harmed, McCarty faces a felony charge of corruption by threat against a public servant.  He is currently being held in the Santa Rosa County Jail and will eventually be transferred to Volusia County.  The man has also been accused of making threats against his ex-wife who was granted custody and her kids during a no-contact order issued after an incidence of domestic violence.

In total, McCarty has been charged with three felony and misdemeanor charges in Florida, having been convicted on misdemeanor charges.  He has also been arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, assault and kidnapping in Arizona and indecent exposure, domestic violence and cocaine possession in South Carolina.  Authorities in Volusia County couldn’t say whether he was ever convicted on any of the out-of-state charges.

Fat chance he’s going to get custody anytime soon.


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