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Four Call Tracking Features Every Small Law Firm Should Be Using

— January 6, 2022

Speed is the name of the game! Outbound call tracking shows you which calls still need to be returned and lets you call back right away from your tracking number.

At its core, call tracking is pretty simple — it assigns a unique phone number to each marketing campaign so you can tell which campaigns are driving potential clients to call your firm. When you know which campaigns are working, you’re able to use that data to optimize your marketing initiatives so you can maximize your firm’s lead generation, your conversion rates, and each campaign’s ROI. 

Nobody wants to invest in marketing efforts without clear visibility into what’s working and what isn’t. Furthermore, you don’t want the valuable leads who contact you to get lost through improper intake methods. You need an easy-to-use call tracking solution that gives you confidence that you’re spending your marketing budget efficiently and never missing a lead.  

However, not all call tracking software is created equal. While they may claim to offer similar results, each platform’s unique call tracking tools indicate the types of data your firm will collect and how that data can be utilized to improve ROI. When you’re in the market for a call tracking platform, these are the four call tracking features you should be looking for:

1. Call Recording: Ensure your customer service is top notch

When first contacting a law firm, 68% of consumers reached for the phone, as opposed to 25% who used email or an online form. While the average consumer talks to three or four lawyers before deciding which to retain, 42% will choose the first lawyer they speak with if the lawyer leaves a “good first impression.” 

Using call recordings, small law firms can analyze their skills and tactics to improve conversion rates. Call recordings serve as valuable customer service assessment and training tools to ensure your communications are always top-notch. What’s more? You can optimize your intake process by referring back to call recordings for key details on vetting new clients.

2. Call Notifications: Never miss a lead again

A customer’s first attempt to get in touch with your business can make or break their decision to pursue future business with you–and leaving prospects’ calls unattended doesn’t make a positive first impression. 

Call notifications provide immediate context about the person contacting your business so you know exactly who called and how they found you. Set up real-time alerts like email notifications or browser notifications so you never miss a lead again.

3. Text Messages: Respond to leads instantly

Image credit Monika Svajdova on Wunderstock (license).
Image credit Monika Svajdova on Wunderstock (license).

Since the onset and challenges of COVID-19, almost half of all global businesses say they’ve expanded their communication channels. Texting has increased significantly, with 34% of businesses having adopted it as a means of customer communication during the pandemic. 

Modern customers are heavily dependent on their mobile devices to find and contact businesses. Give your leads a simple way to respond to your advertising by using text messaging on your tracking phone numbers. By offering this simple, streamlined way to connect with your small law firm, your team can respond the moment a customer reaches out.

4. Outbound Call Tracking: Optimize for the fastest lead response times

Research on lead response times found that conversion rates are 8x greater when responded to within 5 minutes of outreach. Yet, more than half of first call attempts are a week or more later, leaving prospects with ample time to investigate competitors. 

Speed is the name of the game! Outbound call tracking shows you which calls still need to be returned and lets you call back right away from your tracking number — before your potential new client has time to select another law firm. 

To learn more about how call tracking works and key features to look for in a call tracking tool, check out this Content Hub from CallRail, a comprehensive marketing analytics and business communications platform.

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