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How to Gain Marketing Leads for a Personal Injury Law Firm

— May 30, 2019

Finding clients, especially in competitive markets, can be difficult. There are some marketing skills that make this more manageable, though.

Getting leads for a personal injury law firm isn’t as simple as selling a product or a contracting service. You want more clients to come for your legal services, but you also have to be meticulous in accepting a case. This makes it all the more important to attract as many leads as possible. The integrity of your law firm may be dependent on the caliber of your lawyers, but you’ll have to launch aggressive marketing efforts first to get the attention of potential clients. 

Here are some ways you can attract more leads to your personal injury law firm and grow your legal service business:

Have a Well-Built Website

Your primary tool in raising brand awareness to as many potential clients as possible is by creating a website for your law firm. A professional web designer should be able to help you build a professional looking website. Some of the things you should consider when having a website built for your law firm are the following:

  • Brand Identity – This is reflected in your business name and logo.
  • Website Content – You need to provide all the information regarding your law firm and your services in a concise way. 
  • Proofs as a Legal Entity – Give a sense of security to potential clients by magnifying your specializations or the types of cases you handle with supported licenses or certifications.
  • Accomplishments – Feature proofs of excellence like awards and recognitions.

Start a Legal Blog

The flood of information on the internet is a good thing, and you can take advantage of this trend by also making your website a source of legal information. You can do this by having a blog section on your website. You can have your in-house staff and lawyers provide legal blog content that will answer the most frequently asked legal questions. You can also do guest blogging by writing many legal articles for other blogs and legal websites. This way, you’re not only attracting traffic into your website through direct readers of your blogs, but also from these external websites.


To bring your law firm’s website to the forefront of search engine results, you need to utilize the power of SEO or search engine optimization. SEO helps a website secure a position on the first page of the search results by using relevant keywords and links on a web page. Your website should have as many personal injury relevant keywords as possible so online users looking for personal injury lawyers can find your service in an instant. If SEO strategy isn’t your thing, you can have an SEO and lead generation company do this work for you. Ippei Leads is an SEO and lead generation company that has, for example, helped contractors gain HVAC leads – You can visit their website and see how they can also help your personal injury law firm gain more leads. 

Be Active on Social Media

Smartphone with Facebook login on screen, sitting on table with Scrabble tiles spelling “Social Media;” image by William Ivey, via
Smartphone with Facebook login on screen, sitting on table with Scrabble tiles spelling “Social Media;” image by William Ivey, via

Social media websites are fast becoming a desirable channel to gain more marketing leads. You can start a business page on Facebook or have an account on Twitter. You can also utilize professional social networking sites like LinkedIn and Opportunity, which connect companies, professionals, and clients. It’s important to have all your social media accounts linked to your website to boost your website’s traffic and to also give potential clients a better view of your law firm’s services.

Sign Up on Peer Review Sites

Social media sites may offer a rating and review feature for your law firm business, but their main function is to engage users socially online. Your best way of showing your best scores as a personal injury law firm is by signing up on peer review sites as this can help build the credibility of your law firm. They’ll collect ratings from other lawyers and clients and post it on your profile., and are some of lawyer peer review sites you can try. The better ratings and reviews you get, the higher the chance of getting more leads through these sites.

Get Listed in Online Directories

You simply can’t underestimate the significance of directories when it comes to lead generation. You can have your website, email, and contact number accessible to users of online directories like and

Send Out Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing will always be an important tool when it comes to generating leads. Your personal injury law firm can gain leads from a well-composed email marketing campaign. You just have to make sure that your corporate and individual email lists will cover your target audience.

Your personal injury law firm will have a better shot at success and longevity if you can turn your leads into loyal clients. Once you get a grasp of the best approach for your business, you’ve got to maintain it while doing your best to keep your law firm’s case winning streak.

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