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GM Recall Update – Death Toll Stands at 35

— November 24, 2014

General Motors Logo - GM recallToday, the Chicago Tribune reported that two additional deaths have been attributed to faulty General Motors ignition switches.  So far, the total lies at 35 dead and many more injuries have been legally tied to the defective ignition switch problem that sparked a recall of millions of GM cars and trucks this year.  Sadly, it was also discovered that the company knew of the problem ten years ago and failed to act.

Here is a video from Consumer Reports explaining the 2014 GM recall:

The ignition switches fail by suddenly switching to the “off” position, disabling airbags, power steering, electronic stability controls, and other key safety features.  At low speed this is usually innocuous, but on the highway it is very dangerous.

The Tribune writes, “GM has hired [Kenneth] Feinberg, who ran high-profile victim compensation funds for the Sept. 11 attacks and Deepwater Horizon oil spill, to handle an out-of-court compensation program to pay claims on behalf of people injured or killed because of the switch.

The part, which can slip out of position and cut power to critical vehicle systems, prompted the recall of 2.6 million vehicles earlier this year.

The original deadline for claims submissions was Dec. 31, but GM recently agreed to extend that to Jan. 31.

GM has said it gave Feinberg free rein to determine who to compensate and would not challenge his decisions.

Eligible death claimants can receive more than $1 million. The amount of compensation has not been capped, and GM has set aside at least $400 million to cover its costs.”

For more information on this GM recall, including a full list of recalled models, follow the links below:

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