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Hani Zeini on Technology Benefits for Businesses

— May 20, 2021

Every business should be aware of the different techniques accessible to them and how they may influence their marketing, costs, and sales.

To get ahead in the current business world need not necessarily mean being a big company or adopting the most cutting-edge and latest technology. Instead, it means choosing the most appropriate technology to impact the business’s daily operations. Below are the top 5 technology benefits that one should try to attain from any information technology changes in their business. 

Top 5 Technology Benefits for Businesses according to Hani Zeini 

  • Productivity and Automation – A small business can compete with that of a renowned business by being agile and swift and quickly respond to change. IT can help improve the efficiency of one’s company and reduce human error by creating automated processes. Through software applications, one can automate company sales and bookkeeping. A small business owner, in turn, can emphasize their whole business strategy while their employees have the liberty of working on things as their PC runs their reports, tracks projects, and creates queries. This results in the greatest plus of technology and automation in business productivity.

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  • Collaboration and Communication – In the world of business, communication is essential. A key perk of technology, especially for business, is the number of resources accessible for quick and effective communication. With the increasing use of mobile computing devices such as tablets and laptops and software such as Skype conference calls, cloud systems, VOIP, and others by businesses, employees can collaborate effectively across higher distances and work just anywhere. Doing so cuts down the cost of travel and the time required to begin a meeting, thus improving efficiency.
  • Information Protection – Unsecured Data may ruin companies’ reputations and competitive positions and cost them thousands. Storage systems like cloud storage or virtual vaults can keep the company’s information safe by allowing some users in the company to access, withdraw, add, or change the documents. It will cut down the prospective hacks, espionage, and sabotage.
  • Reliable Storage – Few technologies like cloud computing offer reliable and easy data storage that protects the company’s valuable records and cuts down server upkeep requirements. As the load gets distributed across different powerful servers, this can help in heavy lifting, which means one will not have to worry regarding server crashes or individual computer specifications. With most of the cloud plans, one needs to pay for the data they use, says Hani Zeini, which can quickly minimize the IT expenditure for their business. 
  • Financial Savings – Last and the most important perk of technology in a business is financial savings for global corporations and small businesses. The rise in productivity enables companies to do more with lesser workers, cutting down payroll costs that they usually spend. Advancements in communication will also reduce travel expenditure. Storage of data can minimize server maintenance or warehousing costs. With the finest technology for one’s business, one can reduce their financial expense and set their organization up for success. 

The pace at which technology is getting advanced is getting faster. Every business should be aware of the different techniques accessible to them and how they may influence their marketing, costs, and sales.

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