Asbestos, tobacco, and now tanning salons?

The first thing any industry faced with negative scientific evidence does is form a trade group.  And the first thing that trade group does is gin up “scientific” evidence that claims the industry is being falsely maligned.  The asbestos industry did (and does) it, and of course so did the tobacco industry.  Now, it’s the

forbes story on medical malpractice buries the lede

“Bury the lede” or “bury the lead” – it means the same thing: To put the crucial information at the end of a story.  And that’s just what Forbes did with a recent story on medical malpractice. The article checks all the right boxes that an article written by an M.D. about medical malpractice should:

Some maryland surgical centers receive little oversight

Apparently, it’s not whether something walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s whether it bills insurance companies like a duck: There is tremendous oversight in the operating rooms in hospitals.  But in Maryland, some other locations where surgery is done simply don’t.  Maryland’s Health Secretary, Dr. Joshua Sharfstein, acknowledges some clinics where

DePuy Engineer Explains Flaw in Internal Testing of ASR Hip

The New York Times reports on the interesting information being revealed in the first DePuy ASR hip trial: Separately, a DePuy engineer, Graham Isaac, testified on Thursday that before selling the A.S.R., the company only tested its performance on laboratory equipment at one angle of implantation. Depending on the surgical technique and a patient’s build,

Salmonella Leads To Hog Head Cheese Recalled in Louisiana, Texas

Food Safety news reported today that nearly 5,000 pounds of a pork product called “Hog Head Cheese” was recalled in Louisiana and Southeast Texas": A recent outbreak of Salmonella Uganda in Louisiana has prompted a Texas company to recall a ready-to-eat (RTE) pork product. Houston’s Stallings Head Cheese Co. Inc. recalled 4,700 pounds of hog

What should never happen actually happens 80 times a week

In the medical profession, a “never event” is something that should never happen.  Doctors have to make judgment calls every day, and sometimes those judgments will be wrong.  Every wrong judgment is not medical malpractice.  But a “never event” is not a bad judgment call.  It’s blatant medical malpractice, no matter how you slice it. 

texas tort reform punishes double amputee

Connie Spears had to have both of her legs amputated after doctors ignored her past history of blood clots and sent her home despite her symptoms of severe leg pain.  Despite what to many medical professionals appears to be a clear cut case of medical malpractice, Connie Spears finds no justice in Texas.  Why?  Because

FDA May Require More Information from Metal-on-Metal Hip Makers

Once again, the FDA arrives late to the party: Jan 17 (Reuters) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued a proposal calling on companies that make all-metal hip replacements to provide additional information proving they are safe and effective before being allowed to continue selling them. The move follows years of concern within

Yaz Lawyer Blog Has Been Updated and Redesigned

My Yaz lawyer blog,, had gotten a little long in the tooth.  So I updated it and added some fresh content for October 2012 regarding Yaz lawsuits and Yaz settlements.  Here’s a taste: As of October of 2012, Bayer has settled close to 2,000 Yaz lawsuits for close to $500 million dollars. Bayer has

Asbestos Legal Journal Launches Asbestos Timeline

In my day job, I’m an asbestos and mesothelioma lawyer.  As part of that job, I have to keep track of the various significant events related to asbestos and mesothelioma.  I have a database of hundreds of scientific articles, corporate studies, etc. that track the development of the knowledge that asbestos is harmful. I’ve decided not