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Hialeah Drama Instructor Arrested for Sexual Harassment

— June 28, 2022

Reporting is the first step against negative and illegal workplace harassment encounters.

A Hialeah drama instructor working in the Miami-Dade School District was arrested on sexual harassment charges in three cases. Teachers found guilty of sexual harassment will often lose their jobs and teaching licenses, as well as face potential criminal charges based on any type of abuse they may have inflicted upon a student, especially one who is a minor.    A Florida sexual harassment law attorney can assist victims of sexual harassment, especially criminal involvement of a minor regarding sexual harassment of a student while a teacher is working. Students who have experienced abuse of power actions that breach physical comfort boundaries and are part of the widespread problem of workplace sexual harassment should seek damages relevant to the harms caused.  

Legal action

A Hialeah sexual harassment attorney can initiate legal action for victims of sexual harassment occurring in a school workplace, based on protections outlined in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Title IX.  Harassment is illegal when it is so frequent, or severe that it creates a hostile, or offensive environment. The Office for Civil Rights has long recognized that sexual harassment of students engaged in by school employees, other students, or third parties is covered by Title IX. Individuals who are sexually harassed should identify and report the harassers who may be business owners, managers, supervisors, a co-workers, teachers, or someone who is not an employee of the employer, such as a client, or customer of the workplace where the incident occurred.  

Skilled sexual harassment lawyers will review a claim and seek available legal remedies against workplace harassment, especially when it is directed toward a minor who has been endangered by this action.  The law addresses harassment in the form of unwelcome physical advances, requests for inappropriate favors and other verbal, or physical conduct of a compromising nature.  

Victim reporting

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Reporting is the first step against negative and illegal workplace harassment encounters. And employees may make a direct report to a manager of the harasser, and human resources; request mediation; initiate formal grievance procedures; and/or file a claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).  Experienced lawyers can draft a complaint against the alleged workplace harassment, or sexual harasser under the requirements outlined in Federal laws. 

Seek legal counsel

If an employee or employer is involved with, or made aware of incidents of sexual harassment in the workplace, causing harm to students or co-workers, they should immediately seek professional legal counsel for guidance.  Contact an experienced sexual harassment attorney in Hialeah if work-related harassment interferes with a job, or student’s education in South Florida.    



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