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Hiring a Social Security Disability Attorney Might be a Good Idea

— February 10, 2022

While hiring a Social Security disability attorney is not guaranteed to help you win your claim, it is definitely a good idea to consider as it can help increase your chances tremendously.

The social security system is very complex, and it involves various complicated processes that can be difficult to grasp for people without a background in law. So if you are dealing with a situation involving disability and want to get access to the social benefits you are entitled to and do not know where to start, then talking to a social security disability lawyer might be the first step. In this article, we will have a look at some of the most important reasons as to why hiring a social security disability attorney might be a good idea for your case. Keep on reading to find out more.

Managing the Evidence

What determines if your claim is going to win or lose is the right medical evidence. Finding evidence and managing it is what lawyers do best. The Social Security Administration, also known as SSA, is the one awarding you the benefits for your disability. They do this based on the evidence submitted. However, many applicants lack legal knowledge and do not know what to submit as evidence. As a result, many applicants end up submitting little to no relevant evidence to help their claim.

Here is where your Social Security disability attorney comes into play. Attorneys know what evidence to submit to help you win your claim based on your disability. They will review your file and  determine whether or not additional evidence or information is needed. If needed, your lawyer will be the one to contact and communicate with your doctor and other potential parties involved to secure the winning medical evidence. Your legal representative will also make sure to leave out any irrelevant information that might aggravate the results if your claim has to go to the hearing level.

Representation at the Hearing Process

The role of an attorney for a Social Security claim is to also represent you at the hearing. Your lawyer will be the one to stand by your side when you have your Social Security hearing. A good lawyer will help you prepare beforehand so that you can ace any question a judge might ask you. An experienced lawyer will be able to easily and successfully navigate your hearing process, so there will be little to no additional difficulties.

Attorney Says He was Fired Due to a Disability
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Expert disability lawyers know the administrative law judges. Each judge likes to conduct the hearing in a certain way. They might also have certain biases or preconceptions towards a certain medical condition. By knowing this information beforehand, the lawyer can prepare for the hearing accordingly, increasing your chances of winning the claim.

Your lawyer will also handle any potentially harmful information for your case. Sometimes, doctors might say that the patient is not disabled as he or she claims and is exaggerating the symptoms. Other times, applicants fail to visit their doctors regularly and to follow the treatment prescribed. All these actions can be seen as detrimental during the hearing process. An expert Social Security lawyer will be able to successfully navigate this information so that it minimizes any potential damage to the client’s claim.

Winning Arguments and Moral Support

Disability claims can be won with powerful arguments. Based on the rules and regulations imposed by Social Security, an experienced attorney will be able to identify the argument that is most likely to win you the case. Once the argument is identified, your attorney will be able to anticipate and prepare for any scenario. At the same time, the attorney will know how to use the facts of the case to meet the requirements imposed. All this is not possible without extensive knowledge and training in the field of law, especially when it comes to disability law.

Dealing with a Social Security disability claim can be morally draining. This is especially true when the signs that you will be approved for disability are low. A disability lawyer will help ease the mental burden of dealing with securing evidence, researching laws, and preparing for a hearing process, on top of you suffering from a physical disability. Having an expert that can help you win the claim, receive your compensation, and carry on with your life while also dealing with the burden of your disability will increase the quality of your mental and physical state tremendously.

Finally, while hiring a Social Security disability attorney is not guaranteed to help you win your claim, it is definitely a good idea to consider as it can help increase your chances tremendously.

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