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What to Consider When Hiring CPA Firms Rochester NY

— August 27, 2019

Hiring a CPA firm is a major decision, but one that need not be difficult.

Whether you’re looking to hire a CPA firm for your business or need one to handle your personal taxes, it’s important to choose a company that can provide exceptional service and value.

What Are CPA Firms? 

CPA firms are companies that provide services, such as accounting, financial, auditing, and other consulting services to businesses and organizations. CPA firms employ Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) to serve as consultants for businesses, and sometimes, to the general public. 

The following services are usually rendered by state-accredited CPA firms:

  • Tax services: Taxes are one of the things in life that most people don’t want to deal with. Proper taxation, however, is very important lest you want your company to get into trouble with the law. Businesses have to deal with different kinds of taxes. A CPA firm can help handle it legally and properly.
  • Accounting: CPA firms assist businesses in the preparation of financial statements that are vital in the reporting of the company’s assets and liabilities.
  • Auditing: This involves the examination of business information and records, which is usually internally controlled.
  • Bookkeeping: CPA firms help in the recording of various transactions occurring within the business or organization.
  • Compilation services: CPA firms assist businesses in keeping their records systematically organized.
  • Consultations and advice for financial-related matters: CPA firms can provide consultation for other matters as long as it’s financial or money-related. CPAs serve as consultants for different business activities and concerns within the business including budgeting, investing, banking relations, mergers, matters, technology, and system implementation, legal matters, and more.

In essence, CPA firms possess the knowledge and skills to help businesses reach their business goals while overcoming financial issues and concerns.

Tablet sitting on top of financial section of newspaper; image by Matthew Guay, via
Tablet sitting on top of financial section of newspaper; image by Matthew Guay, via

Working with a reputable CPA firm in Rochester NY, and anywhere in the world, boosts the overall productivity and value of your business. Here is an example of a reliable CPA firm that can maximize the grown potential of your business. 

Important Things to Consider When Hiring a CPA Firm

Hiring a CPA firm allows businesses to have better control over their finances. When a company has the right financial information and understands its financial status, it’ll be able to make better business decisions. 

Working with a reputable CPA firm is a great investment, but what are the important things to be considered when hiring a CPA firm?

1. Specialization

Look for a CPA firm that specializes in a business area relevant to yours. For example, if you operate a retail store, a CPA firm with proven expertise in retail and merchandise will be able to assist you better than a firm that specializes in environmental or agricultural accounting.

2. Rates and fees

The rates and fees of CPA firms will vary from company to company. Some CPA firms will charge clients by the minute, which can be costly especially if you have many financial matters to consult about. 

On the other hand, there are CPA firms that offer a set rate for specific financial tasks, such as filing of income taxes, preparing financial statements, or auditing the business’ financial records.

3. Certification

Choose a CPA firm that can provide all-around support to your business. There are firms that specialize in tax preparation. However, their staff will not be able to provide in-depth support and advice with business-related concerns. 

It’s best to work with a firm employing CPAs for your general accounting needs.

4. Availability

Choosing a CPA firm depends on the nature and requirements of your business. Some businesses, for example, only need their accountants for the preparation and filing of their taxes. But if you need to consult with your accountant regularly, you should hire a CPA firm that can provide on-demand and timely support to help with your questions and concerns.

5. Representation

You’ll need a firm that can represent your business during audits by the IRS. The CPA firm must be able to provide a CPA who’ll be by your side during these IRS audits.

6. Competency

Hiring the services of a CPA firm is important but you need to research the competency of the firm. You can ask other business owners and people you trust for recommendations or referrals.

7. Integrity

It’s important to hire a CPA firm that you can trust with your business’ financial information. A CPA firm with a solid reputation is the best choice since its previous clients can attest to their reliability and honesty.

Hiring a CPA firm for your business requires careful thought and consideration. A trustworthy CPA firm that provides timely and reliable professional service will empower your business to grow and flourish.

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