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Could HOT Desking Save You Office Space and Make Your Employees Happier?

— May 24, 2019

HOT desking is a new trend that not only helps manage limited office space, but also increases employee satisfaction.

For businesses of any size, the struggle to keep up with growth and office space is challenging. Real estate prices, office location, and current lease contracts can pose limited options for growing businesses. That’s where hot desking, a new office trend, comes into play. 

Hot desking is an office setup that allows employees to have either open desk areas or alternate work from home days to share desk spaces. It requires a lot of communication, flexibility, and collaboration but can increase employee satisfaction and productivity while saving business owners money on increased rent. 

This infographic from Fundera walks through how to make hot desking work for your office including how to roll it out to your employees and the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind. If you’re not so sure about sharing a space and working remotely, you may be surprised to learn that nearly two-thirds of companies plan to share desks by 2020. 

Companies that already use open desks or hot desking include Microsoft, Square, and Deloitte. However, it isn’t exclusive to large companies. For startups and small businesses, hot desking provides a creative solution to a tight space and a tight budget. Hot desking gives your employees more flexibility and can help with their work-life balance if they value working from home. Don’t let space confine you from growing your business. 

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