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How Can a Hilton Head Island Insurance Claims Lawyer Get You Compensated?

— February 21, 2022

It takes a lawyer with many years of practice and a keen eye for details to prove the insurance company acted in bad faith. 

As a responsible citizen, you buy insurance for your property and your car, you get medical insurance and professional liability coverage, just to be sure you’re protected should anything bad happen. When it does happen, you might have the nasty surprise to discover that the insurance company tosses out your claim or offers you a ridiculous sum. If you live in the Palmetto State, you should immediately contact well-versed South Carolina insurance claims lawyers if your insurance provider is giving you a hard time. 

Insurance adjusters can be real bullies. They prey on your ignorance of the law and make you believe it’s somehow your fault and you don’t deserve any money, although you’ve always paid your premium on time. 

When you reach out to reliable Hilton Head Island insurance claims lawyers, they will offer you a free review of your case, so you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Insurance claims lawyers work on a contingency fee basis so you don’t owe them anything until they win your case. And it is in their best interest to win!

When you have a problem with your insurance, your lawyers will know exactly what they need to do – prove that the company acted in bad faith.

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How do you define bad faith? Let’s say you’re in an accident or your house is damaged by a storm. You make a claim with your insurer, but they immediately alter the terms so you no longer have coverage for your specific problem. Or they just cancel your policy. In most cases, however, the insurance adjuster will misrepresent the amount of your claim, a technique known as ‘lowballing”. They might also deny your claim, without making an investigation. Another frequently used method is delaying a claim for months. If you go and ask why, they’ll give you all sorts of phony explanations, quoting statutes, regulations or paragraphs that you most certainly know nothing about, so you’re in no position to argue.

Experienced insurance claims attorneys know all the laws and regulations by heart and they can instantly see through their lies. Insurance companies are very good at denying or minimizing claims, and they’ll cover their tracks very well. It takes a lawyer with many years of practice and a keen eye for details to prove the insurance company acted in bad faith.

Insurance companies act as if they were above the law, where in fact South Carolina has laws protecting citizens against these types of scams. Your lawyers will help you sue for fraudulent claim denial. If you have a tough lawyer, simply mentioning that you’re going to sue might be enough to solve all your problems. A trial means bad publicity and insurance companies don’t like that. It’s bad for business. Also, they don’t want to be dragged to court where their scamming methods will be exposed. They risk huge fines and it might give other clients just like you the idea to sue. If they see that your lawyers mean business, they’ll agree to settle out of court and be done with it. 

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