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How Can a Truck Driver Lose Commercial Driving Privileges in Kansas?

— March 1, 2022

If a driver receives traffic tickets while operating their commercial vehicle or any standard vehicle, they can have points placed against their license.

Wichita, KS – Commercial drivers must follow a number of additional rules and regulations aside from the traffic laws that apply to everyone on the roads. This is meant for public safety, as large semi trucks in Kansas and other commercial vehicles can become a source of serious damage and injuries if they are operated incorrectly. This set of regulations can also make it easier for commercial drivers to lose the CDL temporarily or permanently based on the seriousness of the violation. If a commercial driver causes an accident, they may be sued by the victims as well. 

Crimes that require a driver’s license suspension

There are certain offenses such as driving under the influence, reckless driving, and vehicular manslaughter that require the person’s driver’s license to be suspended as part of their conviction and sentence. If the truck driver’s standard driver’s license is suspended, they lose their commercial driving privileges as well. The driver’s employer may also choose to terminate the driver’s employment if they cannot work due to a suspension.

Points related to traffic offenses

If a driver receives traffic tickets while operating their commercial vehicle or any standard vehicle, they can have points placed against their license. After a certain number of points are accumulated, the driver will lose their license. This also will affect their ability to operate a commercial vehicle during the suspension period. 

Violations of out of service orders

A truck may be ordered out of service for a certain length of time due to serious safety issues and other problems such as improper maintenance. If the driver attempts to operate a truck during this out of service period, they can be convicted of an offense that requires suspension of commercial driving privileges for a certain timeframe.

Tanker truck; image by Antonino Visalli, via
Tanker truck; image by Antonino Visalli, via

Suing a negligent truck driver

Things like driving without proper credentials may be used against a driver during the course of a negligence lawsuit. These violations can offer evidence of negligence, which will help the victim prevail in the case. The main reason that the driver and their employer are sued is for the victim to receive compensation for their losses caused during the accident. The negligence case argues that the driver’s carelessness was the result of these losses, and the defendant must pay out damages to compensate the victim for all related costs. In the case of truck accident lawsuits, the destruction tends to be much more serious than in a standard motor vehicle accident that involves much smaller cars. This also means that the victim is more likely to have serious or life changing injuries. 

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