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How Can an Accident Attorney Assist an Injured Client in Delaware?

— June 8, 2022

A civil lawsuit is started with a complaint that needs to be drafted in the proper format, filed in the local court system, and served to the defendant.

Wilmington, DE – There are some attorneys in Delaware and other states who dedicate their careers to helping accident victims with the process to receive monetary compensation. This is possible because things like motor vehicle accidents are a very common source of injuries to people and other kinds of financial losses. The American legal system allows people who have been harmed to make the person, business, or entity responsible for losses pay for all of these problems. 

The first meeting

Most firms offer some kind of initial meeting to discuss the process of an accident lawsuit in Delaware and answer questions. This is usually called a consultation. When the client arrives at this meeting, they may not be familiar with accident cases and the process to receive compensation, so the attorney should explain this process thoroughly. The lawyer can also explain their background and credentials, as the client should feel comfortable that the accident attorney has sufficient experience with similar cases.  

Gathering evidence

In order to be successful during settlement negotiations or at trial. The victim and their attorney should have sufficient evidence available that supports their claims about the defendant’s fault for any injuries. This may include things like pictures and video, witness testimony, and police reports related to the crash. The firm may also conduct their own investigation at a later time to try to gather additional evidence. It is also possible that much of the information related to the plaintiff’s case will be exchanged during the discovery process. 

Filing the lawsuit

A civil lawsuit is started with a complaint that needs to be drafted in the proper format, filed in the local court system, and served to the defendant. The complaint also contains information such as the facts surrounding the accident, legal reasons why the defendant is at fault, and a summary of the plaintiff’s damages. After the initial filing, there are other rules of civil procedure that need to be followed for the response, interrogatories, and throughout discovery. 

Settlement negotiations

Nurses Awarded Settlement in Hospital Lawsuit After Being Held Hostage
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Almost all lawsuits will end with some kind of a settlement agreement rather than a full trial in court. This is because going to court tends to be more expensive, time consuming, and there is a risk of loss. The lawyer should use their experience and lessons learned from prior negotiations to try to obtain the largest amount of compensation that is realistically possible based on their injuries and losses. Once a settlement is accepted and signed, this marks the end of the lawsuit and all future litigation related to the same incident. 

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