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How Can You Get Social Security Disability Benefits?

— November 7, 2022

Many people don’t know this, but even if your disability is not on the list you can claim a medical vocational allowance.

Traverse City, MI – Living with severe disability is already a daily struggle, but when you also have financial problems your life can become a nightmare. If your condition leaves you unable to earn a living, there’s still hope. You can apply for Social Security Disability and get at least enough money to go by. The only problem is that applying for SSD is a complex process, you have to meet certain eligibility requirements and be persistent if your application is denied. If you are mentally or physically imparied this might be an impossible task, but there’s no reason to give up. You can always set up a free consultation with a good social security disability lawyer in Traverse City and let them take charge of all the bureaucracy. 

What are the eligibility criteria for Social Security Disability?

The first requirement is to have a severe disability that lasts longer than a year and makes it impossible for you to earn a living.

One of the main hurdles in obtaining SSD is that your specific disability must be on the Social Security Administration’s list of approved conditions. If you have a medical diagnosis that is on the list, also known as the Bluebook, your battle is half-won already. However, a knowledgeable lawyer can help you get the benefits you deserve even if your disability is not on the list. What you will need are extensive medical records proving that your health issues are severe enough to prevent you from working, expert medical opinion from reputable professionals and even testimony from friends and relatives about your daily struggles. 

Many people don’t know this, but even if your disability is not on the list you can claim a medical vocational allowance.

Another problem is that you need to have enough work credits to qualify for SSD benefits. The exact number of required credits depends on your age and an experienced social security disability lawyer can help you understand where you stand and what you can do about it. 

What should I do if my SSD application is denied?

Red denied stamp; image by tswedensky, via
Red denied stamp; image by tswedensky, via

Don’t give up! Many SSD applications are denied only to be granted upon appeal. If you’ve just got a denial letter, go see a seasoned Michigan social security disability lawyer right away. You have the right to appeal the ruling and bring more evidence to support your case. Your lawyer will examine your file to see the medical records you’ve already submitted and advise on what kind of documents might help you win the case. For instance, you might be referred for more tests to prove that you are indeed unable to work. If necessary, your lawyer will put you in touch with an independent expert for an evaluation of your situation.

One of the main reasons an SSD application is denied is that even if you can prove you can no longer go back to your old job, the administration’s experts consider that you might get another type of job. Your lawyer will have to bring convincing evidence that your impairment makes you unfit for any type of job.

In the unfortunate event your application is still denied, there’s always the possibility to file a lawsuit in a federal court. 

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