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How Do Truck Drivers in Maine Qualify for a Commercial License?

— March 9, 2022

Getting a CDL in Maine requires both written exams and road tests.

Portland, ME – Anyone who wants to drive a truck or other commercial vehicle in Maine needs to have special credentials. The process to obtain a commercial driver’s license contains a number of steps, and it is meant to ensure that only safe and well trained applicants are able to operate large commercial vehicles on the nation’s highways. If the driver is involved in an accident, their employer may be sued and they may face consequences related to their commercial driving privileges. There are truck accident lawyers in Maine and other states who focus on helping accident victims. 

CDLs in Maine

The main process anyone who wants to drive commercial trucks needs to go through is to get their CDL. A commercial driver’s license will allow the person to operate semi trucks and other similar types of vehicles, depending on the specific class of license. Maine offers CDLs that are class A through C corresponding to the weight of the vehicles. Additional endorsements are also needed for special tasks such as transporting hazardous materials or multiple passengers in a bus.  Despite all of these regulations, commercial drivers are still involved in accidents frequently. This is partially because larger and heavier vehicles are much more difficult to control than standard cars. Lawsuits against commercial drivers may focus on any missing credentials as evidence of negligence by the employer or individual driver.

The process to get a CDL

Everyone who wants to apply for their CDL in Maine must meet certain minimum requirements. Drivers can apply for intrastate CDL licenses at 16 years old, however interstate drivers, and hazmat drivers need to be at least 21 years of age based on federal transportation regulations. The applicant needs to already have a valid standard driver’s license in Maine, and they must be a U.S. citizen with documentation to prove their citizenship status. All applicants must also get a medical certificate from a doctor approved by the federal government. This certificate states that the person is physically able to drive the vehicle, and their vision meets the relevant standards for commercial drivers.

Man preparing for an exam; image by 27707, via Pixabay, CC0.
Man preparing for an exam; image by 27707, via Pixabay, CC0.


Getting a CDL in Maine requires both written exams and road tests. These tests and exams also require fees to be paid by the applicant. The road exam requires the presence of another driver who already has their CDL, and the test must be taken on the same class of vehicle that the person will drive on their job. 

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