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How Does an Elder Abuse Lawyer Help Your Loved One?

— January 18, 2023

Hiring an elder abuse attorney ensures that your loved one will get appropriate assistance.

Elder abuse is any physical, sexual, or psychological abuse committed to an older person. However, most elder abuse cases are mainly committed by the primary caregiver, who can be the professional caregiver or a family member of the victim.

Since older adults are vulnerable, abusers take advantage to harm them. According to the  National Council on Aging, one in every 10 Americans aged 60+ has experienced abuse from their family members or caregivers. Since this is a serious case, it should be addressed appropriately. An elder abuse lawyer can help to address this issue professionally.

Reasons to hire an elder abuse lawyer for your loved one

Power of attorney

If you are worried about the terms of care for your loved one, it is obvious that you will be stressed out. It is essential to think about the right way to provide the best care for the person you love without having any legal entanglements. This can be simplified by the assistance of an attorney who has experience in elder law. Getting power of attorney is the first step in ensuring that the loved one has the proper care they deserve without any complications. Since most elders suffer from long-term chronic illnesses, it is crucial to give proper care to make their life comfortable.

The complication in long-term care

It is hard to calculate a care plan for the loved one unless you have enough money in your bank account. An elder law attorney can find the legal standing for why your loved one deserves proper assistance. They can suggest public programs to gather money if you don’t have adequate money.

If your loved one is not eligible for the kinds and programs available to low-income people, they can start liquidating the assets. If you start unloading assets to pay the care expenses, you can be assured that your loved one will receive quality, stress-free care for a long time.

Legal representation

Elders with chronic medical conditions face severe problems while expressing themselves due to body weakness and loss of self-confidence that has been caused due to the abuse. In such conditions, a Florida elder abuse lawyer helps the loved one to gather the appropriate evidence to demand compensation for the damages that have been done, including medical expenses and pain. Changes in behavior are normal in the elders, but sometimes, they show unusual emotional and behavioral changes due to physiological abuse and neglect. Most of the time, physiologically abused elders feel anger, anxiety, and resentment. In such cases, hiring an elderly abuse attorney can help get appropriate care for the loved one.

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Ensure positive outcome

Hiring an elder abuse attorney ensures that your loved one will get appropriate assistance. Severe physical and sexual abuse and financial fraud require a lawyer to represent the case in court. Since the lawsuit can be stronger if there is enough evidence, it would be great to seek assistance from a lawyer with experience in this field. He will prepare the case by gathering evidence and make the caregiver accountable for the abuses that have been done to the senior. If a senior person is admitted to the nursing home, the lawyer will check the relevant documents to check whether the facilities and care are given according to the promise. The documents are crucial for a positive outcome in the elderly abuse case.

Ensure proper care and medical treatment

An elder care lawyer will ensure that your loved one is not a victim of medical negligence. Since lawyers have experience in this field, they know how to deal with such cases and will ensure that the elders are protected from physical or physiological abuse. If your loved one suffers from traumatic abuse or is taken advantage of, the lawyer knows the legal course of action to punish the culprit.


Hiring an elder abuse lawyer can deliver outstanding results and ensure compensation for your loved one. So, hire an elder abuse lawyer to get the best service in elder abuse cases. 

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