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How is Sexual Harassment Reported in New Orleans?

— March 10, 2022

The federal government established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to handle various workplace problems and disputes.

New Orleans, LA – Victims of workplace harassment will need to share their story in order to receive help. Both the person’s employer and government agencies have places that people can go if they feel that they have become a victim of illegal harassment. However, this process is not always obvious for anyone who has never had to report sexual harassment before. Those who need specific help can meet with local New Orleans sexual harassment lawyers to get more information. 

Telling the person or people responsible to stop

An important part of the process to report and end harassment is for the victim to tell the person or people responsible that they need to stop and their conduct is unwelcome. This should also be documented as well, in order to show that the person was on notice that they were harassing the victim.  

Employer remedies

A worker who is experiencing problems with workplace harassment should first attempt to contact their employer and notify them. This is normally done through a human resources department, or some other individual who is designated to receive complaints of illegal conduct. The employer will have some kind of process in place to investigate the complaint and see if they can resolve the situation. In many cases, the employer should be able to come to a resolution and protect the worker. If the harassment stops, no further actions may be necessary. However, if the victim is not satisfied with the resolution, they should contact Louisiana sexual harassment lawyers.

Labor agencies

Image of the EEOC seal
Seal of the EEOC; image courtesy of U.S. Government via Wikimedia Commons,

The federal government established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to handle various workplace problems and disputes. They are able to receive complaints about sexual harassment, and they are given the authority to investigate the employer as well as make recommendations based on their findings. It is possible that issues with harassment can be resolved after the labor agency gets involved and makes the employer comply with their requests.  

Retaining a lawyer

Those who are victims of illegal treatment can meet with their own sexual harassment lawyers to get help at any time. The attorney can provide advice to the victim, as well as start the process to file a formal complaint or lawsuit on the victim’s behalf when necessary.  Because these attorneys have significant experience in the area of labor law and they understand the relevant procedures, getting an attorney early in the process can be beneficial and take much of the stress of figuring out regulations related to harassment away from the victim. 

Scheduling a meeting to get more help is a website that connects people with lawyers in their city. Anyone who needs help from a licensed attorney can choose their state and a practice area to get more information. 

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