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How Law Firms Should be Marketing in the Coronavirus Crisis

— May 19, 2020

Create positive posts on how you are hoping for a good future for businesses. Show people ways to get through the crisis calmly.

When a crisis strikes, it affects everyone! The situation can last for days, months, or even years, and to stop working is not the solution; you have to keep going despite the situation. You must ask yourself if you should just sit back and wait for the crisis to be over, or should you take this time as an opportunity to work on your strategies? This is where good marketing should come into play.

Law firms are no different than other businesses in trying to survive the pandemic. Coronavirus has spread to over 200 countries so far and has disrupted lives globally. Law firms and their clients are also one of many who have been majorly affected by what’s now being called the ‘new normal’. Routine operations, safety, and well-being of employees have become matters of huge concern. 

But, the question remains – what are some of the immediate steps law firms should take? How should they market their business amid the crisis? We have put together some of the points highly experienced law leaders from around the globe have shared. So, without any further ado, let’s get into it. 

  1. Do not abandon marketing

It is important to take some crucial steps at this time to stay afloat. The world is in panic these days, but that should not stop you from doing what you need to do. Legal marketing is important for law firms, even in a crisis. On average, law firms have around 2% of their yearly budget dedicated to marketing their services. Cutting the budget in marketing may not help you in cutting down the overall budget, and it may even prove more costly in the long run. 

It is also important to not stop marketing at this point because of less competition. If all your competitors are cutting the budget, it is an opportunity for you to outshine them. Take this time to reevaluate your expenses, and cut down from other segments rather than abandoning marketing. 

  1. Go digital

Think digital and spend some money on digital marketing. This will surely save you some bucks and the money can be spent on other areas. The usage of the Internet has exponentially increased due to COVID-19, so you can focus all your efforts on digitally marketing your business at this time using social media, email marketing, content marketing, SEO, etc. A good digital marketing approach, for instance like that of Carpet Cleaning London, can help retain as well improve your standing despite the crisis. Don’t forget to reevaluate your SEO during this time.

Person using digital interface with multiple icons; image via
Person using digital interface with multiple icons; image via

Write content, and keep your users up to date with the latest legal advice, tips, and tricks on your niche. Once your content is sorted, take it over e-mails as well, and reach your potential and current clients with offers and new content. As people flock to social media quickly when they are home and bored, keep them engaged and be active in doing this. 

  1. Produce trending content

Once you have mastered SEO and implemented other digital marketing techniques for your business, get on the trends. With everything at a standstill, people are searching for the impact of coronavirus, and how it could halt their businesses. Use your knowledge about all the legal complications, and provide solutions to your customers online. Provide useful information to them to prove that your law firm is authentic and worth their time and money. It is also important to use the right keywords as you are marketing your business in order to rank higher. 

  1. Do not post panic-inducing content

With bad news coming from everywhere, people want to see some positive news as a breath of fresh air. The only thing that people don’t need right now is content that causes more stress and panic. There is enough bad news in the world already, so try to be the voice of calm amid the chaos. Create positive posts on how you are hoping for a good future for businesses. Show people ways to get through the crisis calmly. Help people de-stress by providing them good, positive content, and create a positive online presence. The panic-inducing content will not help you in the long-run, but positivity goes a long way. 

  1. Make use of technology

With all said and done, your business cannot wait for the pandemic to be over, so take everything online such as conferences, meetings, etc. You can leverage different platforms such as Zoom for your meetings, and Webinars. People are looking for legal services, and security for their businesses and jobs, so give them exactly what they need. 

While everything seems out of control, there are also hidden opportunities in everything that happens. Identify and seize those opportunities, and rise above the crisis. How do you plan to market your business? Let us know in the comments below!

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