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How Much is My Neck Injury Worth in a San Francisco Truck Accident Claim?

— July 14, 2022

Back and neck injuries are quite common in a truck accident, as the force of the impact will cause a violent back-and-forth movement of the head.

San Francisco, CA – The City of San Francisco has recently reported that truck accidents are on the rise in the whole county, warning residents to be very careful when driving alongside large commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, there is very little regular folks can do to prevent truck accidents. What can you do? Avoid the highway? Walk to work every morning? The worst part is that in the vast majority of cases it’s the occupants in a passenger car, the motorcyclists, or the pedestrians who are injured or killed in a truck accident. 

Back and neck injuries are quite common in a truck accident, as the force of the impact will cause a violent back-and-forth movement of the head. This can cause severe damage to tendons, ligaments, muscles, and, above all, to the vertebra in your spine.

Even whiplash can cause a lot of misery, putting you out of work for months, let alone spine damage. Most victims are left with crippling medical bills and to recover their damages they have to fight against powerful trucking companies, well-versed in dealing with claims and lawsuits. 

To protect your interests, you need to talk to skilled San Francisco truck accident lawyers as soon as possible. The other side won’t waste any time. They’ll start working as soon as the trucker notifies them of the accident, maybe while you’re still waiting for the ambulance.

How much is a back injury claim worth in California? 

The value of your claim depends on the severity of your injuries and how much they affected your life. 

First of all, you have the right to seek compensation for all your medical expenses and your lost wages, past and future. Keep track of all the bills and hand them over to your San Francisco accident lawyers. Calculating your economic damages means more than adding up some bills. If you are left with an impairment that may force you to switch to lighter work, your lawyers will also have to figure out the value of your lost earning capacity.

How are pain and suffering damages calculated in California?

Woman in pain; image by Matteo Vistocco, via
Woman in pain; image by Matteo Vistocco, via

This is the main reason you’ll need good attorneys working on your case. Your pain and suffering cannot be proved by bills or anything, it’s all about making a convincing case. Your lawyers may talk to reputable doctors to get their views on how much pain injuries such as yours cause. Your lawyers will also present your account of your life since the accident and testimony from family and friends about your daily struggles. A statement from a mental health specialist can also be used to describe your anxiety, depression, or PTSD.

Still, some injuries are worth more than others.

Even if you have a bad case of whiplash, you cannot seek as much money as someone who had to go through back surgery and months of grueling rehabilitation. Also, there’s a huge difference between someone who complains of constant shoulder pain and a poor guy who was left paralyzed following an accident.

What you need to keep in mind is that, in California, there is no cap on pain and suffering damages, so it’s really up to your lawyers to build a strong case. 

Finally, there’s one more thing to consider. Maybe your claim is worth $1 million, but you still need to determine who’s going to pay you that kind of money. Most truckers only have minimum coverage, so your lawyers will try to file a claim against the trucking company, those responsible for loading the vehicle, or the manufacturer of a defective part. 

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