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How Should You Treat Your Negative Attitude Employees as a Team Leader?

— March 26, 2020

Negativity brings down morale in any group or team. Most times, one with this attitude comes with a complaining nature in each aspect and keeps complaining about everything.

First, what is a negative attitude in this context? Negative attitude can be either verbal or non-verbal. A person who possesses a bad behavior and sees everything with a negative perspective is listed in the category of negative attitude. One comprising such attitude points out the negative view in everything: it could be a situation, work, behavior, or people around. Negativity brings down morale in any group or team. Most times, one with this attitude comes with a complaining nature in each aspect and keeps complaining about everything that can be a person, task, co-worker and many other relevant things in regular life. People having negative personalities are rarely to be found in any positive environment. They spend time creating and raising the matter of issues in their day-to-day life, without solving them.

Employees with a Negative Attitude

Negative attitude in an employee is easily recognized by poor performance or the worst attitude among the team. The behavior of one negative employee affects the entire team in many aspects. It spoils the friendly environment of the team at the workplace and brings the situation of irritation in co-workers. Negativity from one employee spreads easily to the whole team.

Man screaming into telephone; image by Icons8 Team, via
Man screaming into telephone; image by Icons8 Team, via

Negative attitude comes to be a performance issue of an employee. They could be interrupting teamwork by not contributing and that affects productivity. In a team, bad behavior from one employee can be the reason for stress for many members and can affect their professional and even their personal life. This behavior could be disturbing the team and this can bring the entire team out of the track of teamwork. This impact is seriously affecting company image and relationships. As a result, it becomes harmful to team members and can easily affect the whole company. Bringing this behavior forward can ruin the company’s output. Many bad behavioral acts are considered as negative attitudes, but some of them are listed following:

  1. Being Late at your Workplace.
  2. Avoiding the assigned tasks.
  3. Regular complaining behavior.
  4. Behaving rudely.
  5. Arguing with co-workers.
  6. Threatening team members being at the higher designation.
  7. Putting down management.
  8. Backbiting about team members.
  9. Don’t compliment the deserving member.
  10. Disrespecting co-workers.

Treating Negative Attitude Employees

In every co-operative organization, there is the possibility of having at least one employee with a negative attitude. In many of the articles, many SEO experts have proved this. A negative employee affects the entire circle of the team easily and quickly. That person comes up with complaining in every situations at work. To overcome such employees behaviors, there are certain strategies to be followed. Following are the strategies to manage a negative employee:

  1. Negativity Shouldn’t be Write off:

As a boss, Failure of any action regarding the negative employee will always affect the team. It’s easily ignorable, the negative behavior of the employee. But, it can’t be sure how it’s hurting to the entire company.

  1. Excuses must be rejected:

Your employee has control over their attitude. So, it’s their choice to bring up excuses for every situation. It is their choice to be fault-finding in every situation. Every excuse that is affecting the entire team must be dismissed.

  1. Positive Behavior Motivation:

When a situation comes to explain negative behavior to an employee, a leader is responsible to motivate the employee to bring a positive attitude to the job. There must be certain goals to encourage them have a positive attitude. There must be motivation and goals set for bad attitude employees to improve their attitude.

  1. Action Plans:

Set up action plans and timelines for their behavioral changes and set up a date to communicate progress. Communicate the behaviors one by one as goal sets that are to be set in progress. The employee must be provided certain time frames to achieve certain goals.

  1. Perfect Time to Say Goodbye:

These are some of the most powerful words in the scenario of business. When a boss uses such powerful words, there comes to be a certain time or situation that causes a leader to fire an employee. The Team Leader knows the situation to use such powerful words. This is sad to be the last choice for a leader to use such words for employees.

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