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How Social Media Lead to Divorce

— January 7, 2020

If your screen time increases and you start spending less time with your better half, you can find your couplehood on a slippery slope one day.

Social media sites are toxic. Not only can they distract you from work, study, and so forth, but they also can cause serious damage to your family. There is evidence indicating that your chances of getting divorced directly depend on your online behavior. Of course, at first glance, it seems like an exaggeration, but it is not indeed.

It is reported that 30% of social media users keep their account passwords secret from their partners. There is also evidence indicating that 10% of users hide some posts/pictures/comments/etc. from their spouses, too. What frightens most is that 9% of adults even create secret profiles so that they don’t have to hide anything from their best halves every time they do something rough. The truth is that even innocent commenting and liking pose a threat to your domestic harmony. Let’s find out how screen time can come between you and your wife and make you prepare divorce forms soon.

How Social Media Sites Can Break Up Your Family

Social media sites are alluring, no doubt. Everything from shopping and making new friends to sharing experience and sparking to somebody, users can do whatever they want on social media platforms. You may meet someone new or just catch up with your ex online. And, you will not see it coming as you will have a virtual life with that person. Such online behavior can ruin your marriage in the long run. Read on to learn more about how social media can destroy any healthy marriage.

It can lead to infidelity.

No matter whether it is Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform, thanks to it, you can easily communicate with your relatives, colleagues, technically, anyone who has an active profile, and you can build an emotional connection with them. Broadly speaking, there is nothing bad about it. But, when you find yourself being emotionally connected to the person you don’t tell your spouse about and share deeply personal thoughts with him or her, then you might want to review – root and branch – your marital relationship eventually. Why do you have heart-to-heart talks with someone, but not your spouse? Why do you keep your new “friendship” secret? If you don’t answer these questions honestly, then the chances are that very soon you will want to take this secret relationship to the next level and meet your “online friend” in person. Truth be told, this is an initial step on the road to unfaithfulness.

It can cause jealousy.

It has been already proved that social media can make people jealous. They allow your followers to see your friends’ profiles and even their friends’ ones. And, your spouse can take advantage of this and see who you interact with.

Social media sites are sources of jealousy as they allow your better half to determine all your interactions. No matter whether your partner finds something suspicious or not, he or she will feel uneasy every time something is discovered on you. This often causes spying, jealousy, and, as a result, a rift in relationships. Truth be told, it is found that the more we monitor our better halves’ social media activity, the more jealousy and anxiety we report.

It may play a dirty trick on you.

On social media platforms, people post whatever they feel. Many users consider social media as a place where they can spill out their guts. But when it comes to marital relationships, such an “unburdening” can cost a lot. Let us say if you decide to sharply criticize your marital problems online, even if you will do this indirectly, this will probably cause a storm with your partner. As a result, you two will come into conflict. Now, if this happens regularly, the chances are that very soon you will want to end up your relationship.

Man on sidewalk watching woman walk away with her bags; image by Jurien Huggins, via
Man on sidewalk watching woman walk away with her bags; image by Jurien Huggins, via

And the kicker is that even when you go through a divorce process, you will not be able to keep your mouth shut. You will continue sharing the negatives about your marital problems with your followers as you did before. You will tell your online friends how nasty your spouse is, how bad attorneys are, and how unfairly the court behaves toward you. This will not help you. Instead, these posts may be used as evidence and may be held against you (if you are not going to complete divorce online, of course). For this very reason, never pour your heart out on the ‘Net. You should better ask your partner to hear you out in person. So and in no other way, you can solve your marital problems and save your marriage.

It steals your “together” time. 

Social media sites are a bottomless pit. A click of a button and you see your online friend who visited a super tourism destination. So, you browse the Internet to see where this spot is, and then find out that there is an affordable tour to this place. You buy the package and then look for blogs to learn more about the place, its popular activities, and sightseeing attractions. All of this feels like a moment, but if you look at your watch, you will see that you spent a few hours scrolling your phone. And, it all started with that single post. You could have some time with your best half talking about current issues or just relaxing. If your screen time increases and you start spending less time with your better half, you can find your couplehood on a slippery slope one day.

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