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How Technologies Affect Our Love Lives

— March 12, 2020

With so many things conducted online, we forgot how to participate in our own competition called “my life” and escape from reality.

The rise of technologies has raised quite an unconfident and shy society; it changed the way we express our emotions, deep desires, and innermost feelings. In the current age of Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter, the time of funny snap emoji and exquisite pictures, we tend to become so confused and lost. And, a special place for the confusion in this age of smartphones lies in the connection with love and relationships. Just think for yourself, when was the last time you tried to ask somebody over and instead invited them to a live chat on Instagram? When was the last time you talked to somebody in person and instead called each other on Skype? When was the last time you had a real-life communication with people and society? When was it? Can you just imagine how drastically our perception of various aspects of life has changed due to the development of the digital age? The impact is major, so let’s dig deeper into this problem.

It is a pretty clear picture that now we articulate our feelings, actions, touches differently than it was like a few decades ago. The way individuals speak about love, show emotions, give or receive love is not the same anymore. So, what is wrong?

— The first definite problem is that technologies quickly taught us to be open-minded within social media and virtual world, in general, and rather closed outside of it. It affects the romantic life of individuals so much that their love language, their shrewdness in reality, has drowned deep to the bottom. We bet, most of you have experienced the same feeling of more control over your life online, haven’t you? Ultimately, then it is necessary for everyone to eradicate this phenomenon and go out there, live and love in the real world.

— Another romantic aspect that is controlled by technologies is our sex life. In a really short period, the obsession with digital things became a self-killing tool that affects our intimacy and sexual demonstration. It is not absurd to say that sometimes people touch more of their phones, rather than partners. Even when you look at most of the couple or even your case with a boyfriend/girlfriend, you will 100% notice the same. Why is that? Well, modern technologies have simply become our own virtual reality where our brains and bodies can easily experience the same type of pleasure and happiness, that is why.

Man having video call on smartphone; image by Harry Cunningham, via
Man having video call on smartphone; image by Harry Cunningham, via

— Even though technologies have put us closer than ever, they have also split us up further than ever. We seem to be so close to each other and at the same time so distant. Of course, now we are able to interact, basically any time we want, we can have thousands of ways of striking up conversations, showing our interest with likes and comments, increase our connectivity, but we seem to have lost something more significant. We have lost an integral part of spirituality and values we stuck to.

— It is clearly seen how technologies shape our romantic reflection, our path to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Just for a moment, can you imagine that your parents and their peers showed their interest with likes and winks on Facebook or Instagram? Can you imagine them winning the heart of ladies at that time with endless calls or instant messages? Certainly, not. The uniqueness of relationships of the 20th century was their sincerity in words and openness in heroic actions. In comparison to what we have now, connections have almost lost the charm and romanticism.

— Finally, we became deceived by someone’s status, pictures, or quality of life represented in social media or other networks. We got rid off the ability to sense people’s true intentions and desires by being fooled with the fake image or two-faced caption on Twitter. Comparatively to the past, we stopped connecting with those who we are truly attracted to mentally and physically. Instead, we started making our choices based on the number of friends a person has or the number of likes a person’s photo gets.

All in all, we have seen how far technologies have brought us humans to the stage when we actually date and love not other human beings, but technological devices or endowments they have. With so many things conducted online, we forgot how to participate in our own competition called “my life” and escape from reality. And, certainly, it is not the place to accept it the way it is and ignore the problem. Now, as you are aware of all the bad consequences brought to us with technologies, it is time to take action and avoid these “digital friends” taking over your own life.

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