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How to Choose a Qui Tam Attorney

— June 7, 2024

When you are a whistleblower, it is important to find a trustworthy lawyer to keep you safe.

The need for employees to bring wrongdoing within an organization to light is as old as humankind. In the modern business world, it’s become essential that employees raise red flags when they witness illegal or unethical behavior. However, only some employees get equipped with the skills necessary to report illegal activity effectively. 

Whistleblowers are individuals aware of a company’s illegal activity but remain silent to protect those affected by the misconduct. Protecting those negatively affected by the misconduct is known as whistleblower law. In addition, a qui tam attorney can help you find, interview, and retain potential witnesses if you get involved in any alleged criminal activity investigation. 

They can also help you draft policies that protect your organization from future whistleblowers. They ensure that any witness will feel comfortable coming forward with information and evidence of wrongdoing.

Do your research

The first step to finding the right whistleblower lawyer is doing some research. You want to ensure your potential attorney will help you with your situation and that they are qualified. Next, check the firm’s website for its background, qualifications, education, and expertise. 

  • Determine if you need a lawyer. 

It’s important to determine your legal needs before contacting a lawyer. For example, you are looking for advice on dealing with the company. Or how to proceed with an investigation into alleged misconduct by employees. In that case, it might be best to contact a whistleblower law firm specializing in those areas of law. Likewise, contact the right attorney if you want legal advice on how to draft policies and protect your organization from future whistleblowers. 

  • Make sure they’ll give you upfront pricing. 

A good way to ensure you’re hiring the right person is by asking for upfront pricing. For example, suppose a potential attorney does not offer free consultations or offers them at cost instead of charging per hour. In that case, it’s likely that this attorney gets not chosen due to their qualifications but rather because they charged less than other lawyers in their field.

Ask around

When it comes to finding a good lawyer, it pays to ask around. So here are a few things to remember when seeking a whistleblower lawyer. At first, you want to find a lawyer who gets experienced in handling whistleblower cases. This type of law is relatively new, so you want someone who knows the ins and outs.

Second, you want to find a lawyer passionate about protecting whistleblowers. This type of lawyer will be more likely to fight for your rights and help you get the best possible outcome.

Finally, you want to find a lawyer with a good relationship with the Department of Justice. It can make a big difference in whether or not your case is successful. Research your company’s legal policies and check with people within the organization. Ask them who they would recommend for whistleblower law services.

Meet with them in person

Lawyer shaking hands with client across desk; image by Wasan Tita, via
Lawyer shaking hands with client across desk; image by Wasan Tita, via

Meeting with them in person is important when hiring a whistleblower law firm. It ensures that you have an opportunity to get a feel for their personality and how they interact with your employees. It also ensures that you can see how they would handle different investigations and become familiar with the cases they typically take on. 

Additionally, if a potential investigation is sensitive, meeting them in person will help determine if you want the lawyer on your team to keep the information confidential. Another reason why it’s crucial to meet with them in person is because you want to make sure that they offer a good value for your business. For example, if they aren’t willing to come out and interview them on-site.

Make sure you feel comfortable with them.

To protect your company legally, first, hire a qui tam attorney. Then, make sure they’re qualified to represent you. You want someone with experience with the law and familiarity with the type of misconduct you have been having. Additionally, you want them to be ethical and trustworthy.

Consider their experience

When choosing a whistleblower lawyer, one thing to consider is their experience in the area where you need the most assistance. For example, it might be easier for someone with experience in white-collar crime to help you navigate through your investigation than for a law firm specializing in criminal defense. 

Additionally, you should consider how many whistleblower cases the law firm has recently handled. Suppose a law firm has recently handled several whistleblower cases. In that case, that could indicate that they are more likely to know what it takes to bring about any necessary changes within your organization.

Look at their track record.

Whistleblower law firms are an important part of the legal landscape. They help companies avoid costly investigations and lessen the burden on their employees. In addition, they provide you with a haven in a process that might otherwise be stressful, overwhelming, and frightening. 

Moreover, the most important thing to do when choosing a whistleblower law firm is to look at its track record. The bigger law firms tend to have better relationships with clients and more experience in the field to protect your organization’s interests better. 

Besides, it’s also important to consider whether or not your company has any policies that would make it harder to come forward about misconduct without contacting legal counsel first. If so, it’s best to work with a smaller firm with more experience within your company’s specific guidelines. So they can handle both whistleblower and related legal matters in one place.


When you are a whistleblower, it is important to find a trustworthy lawyer to keep you safe. To find that lawyer, do your research to ensure the lawyer has years of experience and is licensed to practice in your state. 

Then, when you meet with them, ensure they are the right fit for you and feel comfortable with the lawyer. And lastly, consider their experience and ensure that the qui tam attorney has won a few cases. Then, they can help you navigate the process.

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