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How to Kickstart with an Online Food Delivery Business?

— April 27, 2020

An online food delivery software business is an ideal platform for those looking to start a venture without any major upfront investment.

In today’s ultra-busy lives, the demand for online food delivery applications has just increased, due to less time available for cooking. 

More importantly, online food delivery apps have gained prominence due to convenience and availability of healthier cooked meals, sometimes better than what we eat at restaurants.

If you are planning to launch your own online food delivery system along the lines of last-mile food delivery system, just go through a systematic process, which we are about to discuss.

  • Look at whom are you serving

Like any other business, it all starts from a target market or audience to whom you want to serve. 

Knowing about your target audience will bring clarity on what you need to serve and how to achieve the same.  

Once you decide on the audience, think about customisation to keep your customers happy, satisfied, loyal, and paying the price you demand.

  • Prepare for technological setup

An online food delivery business doesn’t require high upfront investment or capital to start things off. 

In fact, you just need to build an online food delivery app just like last-mile online food delivery software and you are ready to go.

Having a website is not mandatory, but having one would give you an added advantage in building trust and authority, not to mention that a website also helps a great deal in SEO.

  • Strategically plan for promotions

Every business needs awareness and buzz can be generated via advertising or marketing physically or digitally.

Paper mini takeout box; image by Kelly Sikkema, via
Paper mini takeout box; image by Kelly Sikkema, via

Decide ways in which you can reach your target audience in no time at a minimal cost.

The best and most authoritative way to go about is through word of mouth through your family, friends, and loved ones; placing advertisements on newspapers, flyers, leaflets, banners, radio, or television; going through digital means like social media, influencer marketing, blogging, or blogger relationship-based article exchange.

Major Challenges Encountered 

No business is incomplete without challenges, and that is even true with online food delivery app challenges.

Let us look at those challenges to be mentally prepared in advance and undergo the required planning.

  • Picking a wrong niche

This is common, especially when copying others successes, wherein you do not realise whether you would really be able to do justice with the niche, without any specific knowledge regarding the food habits and attitude of that niche.

  • Disregarding mobile users

If you have an app in place then not to worry, but what if you are operating via a website and it doesn’t show up well to the mobile users. 

A website not optimised for mobile viewing make customers bounce back from website allowing for competitors to gain an edge over your business.  

  • Inappropriate delivery staff 

Before hiring delivery people, most app owners fail to do a background check or fail to check for a legal license. 

Hiring rude, impolite, dishonest people can ruin the entire business model through misbehaving with the customers.

Hence, without a systematic training and development program, the delivery staff would lack basic customer handling skills leading to utmost customer dissatisfaction due to delayed delivery or wrong conduct.

Concluding words

An online food delivery software business is an ideal platform for those looking to start a venture without any major upfront investment. It’s a wonderful way to experience the waters of running a business. However, an organised approach towards such an idea with challenges kept at the back of mind surely helps a great deal.

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