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Medical Malpractice

How to Know You Have a Medical Malpractice Case in Atlanta

— May 21, 2024

Cases involving malpractices are complicated. Even knowing whether you have a case is a huge mountain to climb.

Medical experts professionally perform life-saving work. This makes them recognized as protagonists. However, they can also make a few life-threatening mistakes when on duty. These mistakes can leave victims seriously injured and some of them are lethal. That is why medical malpractice is among the top three leading causes of death in Atlanta.

Don’t have medical training? Is the malpractice responsible for your injuries not immediately apparent? It can be a massive challenge to know if you may’ve a valid and strong lawsuit. In such a case, an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Atlanta can help. Knowledgeable lawyers usually understand all the signs to look for. These signs could show that you have been the victim of medical malpractice, including:

Lack of Informed Consent

Patients need to know any side effects or risks associated with medical treatment before it’s used or performed on them. Medical experts also need to get informed consent from their patients prior to any medical treatment or procedure occurring. In this process, a legal representative or patient needs to be informed of the treatment’s nature, risks, desired outcome, and objective.

Also, the medical expert needs to inform the patient about the success rate and any alternative treatments available before agreeing. Also, patients need enough time to offer consent and ask questions. That way, you know the outcome

If you suffered actual damage, you don’t need to prove that the medical expert deviated from the standard of care. However, exemptions may apply, especially in emergency situations. A lack of informed consent may exist if:

  • A medical expert failed to fully explain the risks associated with the treatment. If the medical expert had thoroughly explained the risks, the patient would have chosen an alternative or declined the treatment.
  • A doctor executed a procedure or treatment on you that you didn’t agree to.


Failure to perform appropriate tests is the main cause of misdiagnosis. Also, it may result from:

  • Failing to seek the expert’s opinion to determine the diagnosis’s viability
  • Human mistake missing something on pathology slide or x-ray
  • Relying on inaccurate outcomes from faulty diagnosis equipment or tool

Medication Mistakes

Texas Doctor Indicted on Opioid Fraud Charges
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Medication errors may qualify as medical laxity. They include:

  • Wrong dosage
  • Incorrect duration or frequency of treatment
  • Failure to include important warnings like side effects
  • Wrong drug
  • Failure to ask the patient about medical interactions, allergies, or other medical conditions

No Follow-Up from Your Doctor

Any medical expert needs to take your concerns seriously. The expert should provide solutions to any questions you may have. Is your doctor not following up or communicating clearly? You aren’t getting the attention you need.

Understaffing still plagues the healthcare sector in the U.S.A. This can be one cause of poor communication since providers are overwhelmed as they try to meet the high demand for quality care.

Delays in diagnosis, additional treatment, or misunderstandings could result in injuries. For instance, your test results were not communicated on time and follow-up treatment goes unscheduled. These delays could cause your condition to worsen.

Cases involving malpractices are complicated. Even knowing whether you have a case is a huge mountain to climb. It’s advisable to keep in touch with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer in Atlanta. The lawyer should be able to thoroughly investigate what took place and explain your options. Pick lawyers who have experience with medical malpractice claims. Also, they should have a track record of success in helping their clients recover fair reimbursement.

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