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How to Make the Most Out of a Personal Injury Claim

— July 14, 2021

Each personal injury case is somehow unique. Also, pain and suffering are personal and singular, making it challenging to convert into a dollar amount.

Falling victim to the negligent or malicious actions of another can take a heavy toll on a person. Recovery often takes a lot of time, effort, and financial resources. However, you can seek compensation for the pain and suffering you endured by filing a lawsuit against the person or company responsible for your injury. 

There are several ways you can increase your chances to get a high compensation, including providing clear evidence, following the doctor’s orders, staying off social media, and contacting an experienced attorney.

Prepare Solid Evidence

If you are thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit, the best thing you can do is start preparing in advance. Gather any evidence connected to the incident that caused your injury. Make sure to keep copies of all the documents you collect in your case file. These will help recreate the events that led up to the accident but also the repercussions that followed.

If your health condition allows it, take photographic and video recordings immediately after the accident while the scene is still fresh. Make sure to include the surrounding area and focus on the item that harmed you. Also, take photos with your wounds from different angles. 

When you are not able to do this yourself, ask someone you trust to record this. Besides vividly depicting damages, photographs also have a strong emotional impact on the viewer. Therefore, these can help you in more ways than one to maximize your personal injury claim.

Seek Medical Care

Always put your safety and health first. The most important thing to do immediately after the accident is to seek medical care. Even if you feel fine, you should have a medical expert examine you. Some injuries might take a longer time to manifest. Also, during traumatic events, adrenaline is likely to kick in, numbing you from the pain.

Make sure to follow the prescribed treatment plan closely and take the medication recommended for you. Keep all your appointments and go for regular checkups. Do not throw away any medical document, no matter how irrelevant it may seem, it can serve as a piece to the final puzzle about your health.

Another aspect to consider is appearances. If you take the lawsuit to court, your actions will be under close scrutiny. Not visiting a doctor after the incident can be taken by the defense as a sign that your injuries were not as serious as you have claimed. Avoid giving them any ammunition to devalue your claim.

Take a Leave of Absence from Social Media

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We strongly advise against posting anything on social media until the personal injury case is not settled. While some would suggest simply avoiding sharing anything about the accident, the fact is that any information you post can be used against you by the opposition (even if it is not linked to the accident).

For example, you might file for non-economic compensatory damages on account of losing your ability to enjoy life or activities that previously brought you great joy. These can also be symptoms of clinical depression. Now, if you share some photos from a road trip that you took with your family where you seem to be enjoying yourselves, this might be used by the defendant’s legal counsel to deconstruct your claim. 

Contact a Qualified Lawyer

To increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve, you need qualified lawyers on your side. After becoming familiar with the specifics of your case, they can outline a personalized plan of action that is most likely to lead you to victory.

It is essential to establish a professional relationship with your lawyer based on mutual trust and respect. You will need to share personal information with them and trust that they will try their best to look after your interest. Visit this page to learn more about the benefits of receiving legal counsel.

Final Thoughts

Each personal injury case is somehow unique. Also, pain and suffering are personal and singular, making it challenging to convert into a dollar amount. Contact a personal injury lawyer and follow their advice on getting the most out of your claim.

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