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How to Properly Surrender to the Police in Alabama

— July 6, 2022

Alternatively, you can work with your criminal defense attorney to arrange a voluntary surrender.

At some point, you may feel the need to surrender to the police in Alabama. This is often a smart move, especially if the police suspect you have committed a crime. Resisting the authorities in any way could result in serious consequences, both in terms of legal action and risks to your life. However, surrendering to the police must be done in a proper, cautious manner. If you run up to the police shouting that you want to surrender while waving a firearm in the air, it may not go well. 

However, if you follow all of the necessary steps when surrendering and you still experience police brutality, you may have the opportunity to file a lawsuit against negligent law enforcement officers. If you are surrendering to the police in a peaceful and non-threatening manner, they have no excuse to use excessive force or seriously harm you in any way. By surrendering properly, you are showing the police that you are not a threat. Those that continue to physically brutalize you should be held accountable. 

If you want to hold negligent police officers accountable for excessive force or any form of brutality, you need to connect with a qualified police brutality attorney in Alabama as soon as possible. These legal professionals can help you sue police officers and recover considerable settlements for your injuries. 

How to Surrender to the Police

First, you need to approach the police officer with your arms raised. Inform them that you intend to surrender to their custody. When approaching, stop before you get too close to the officer. Keep a good distance away and keep your arms raised. Do not make any sudden movements. If you are armed, inform the officer that you have a weapon – but do not try to pull it out or show the officer in any way. If you can, inform the officer where the weapon is located on your body.

Man with backpack on knees with hands in the air; image by Chris Henry, via
Man with backpack on knees with hands in the air; image by Chris Henry, via

Usually, the officer will begin to give you instructions on what to do next. It’s important that you follow these instructions as closely as possible. In most cases, they will tell you to put your hands behind your head and get on the ground. You will most likely need to lie in a prone position before the officer will approach you. Keep your hands on your head, as the officer will likely have their firearm trained upon you. When an officer gets close enough, they will restrain you and take you into custody. 

Voluntary Surrenders

Alternatively, you can work with your criminal defense attorney to arrange a voluntary surrender. This is a pre-arranged meeting at a precinct where you will be taken into custody. Usually, these voluntary surrenders are safer and can be handled in a calmer manner. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching the Huntsville area for a qualified, experienced police brutality attorney, there are many legal professionals who are willing to assist you. Surrendering to the police is often the smartest move, and it shows authorities that you’re willing to cooperate. Officers have no excuse for using excessive force against these individuals. Book your consultation today, and you can pursue a favorable legal outcome alongside a legal professional. 

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