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How To Protect Yourself From An Abusive Spouse

— September 23, 2022

It is always best if you change your routine when dealing with an abusive spouse.

When you first walked down the aisle and married your spouse, being abused in any manner was something that never entered your mind. Unfortunately, as the years have passed, your spouse has become more and more abusive. Whether it is purely physical abuse or perhaps having emotional and verbal abuse tossed into the mix as well, you have now decided to leave your abusive spouse. Since this can be very dangerous, here are some ways you can protect yourself once you leave.

Have a Support Network

Before you leave, always have a strong support network in place of people you can count on for help. This can be family members, friends, or perhaps people associated with a local domestic violence organization. Not only should you have list of safe contacts, but also their phone numbers on speed dial so that you can reach them quickly if needed.

File a Restraining Order

If you have been able to do so, have documentation of any instances of abuse that have taken place. These can be photos, medical records, and possibly police reports. When you leave, you should speak to an attorney such as John D Wieser Esq, PC about filing a restraining order against your abusive spouse. If the court grants this, it will be illegal for your spouse to contact you in any manner. Should you have children, work with your attorney to make sure the restraining order also gives you custody of the kids.

Notify Your Workplace and School

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Once you have left your abusive spouse and been granted a restraining order, always notify your workplace and your children’s school about your situation. This will put people on alert about your spouse, meaning they will deny them entry and contact police if necessary. By notifying your children’s school and letting them know you have legal custody of your children, this will prevent your spouse from kidnapping them while at school.

Change Your Routine

Finally, it is always best if you change your routine when dealing with an abusive spouse. Unfortunately, it is when abuse victims such as yourself exit the relationship that these situations often turn very dangerous. Therefore, you should alter your routine as much as possible. This can include changing the way you go to and from work, take your kids to school, or even which stores you visit when shopping for groceries.

If you know how to protect yourself from your abusive spouse, you can emerge from your ordeal as a much stronger person who has a new lease on life. Follow these tips to give yourself the best protection possible. 

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