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How to Start an Online Nail Salon

— August 30, 2021

Start your online salon with a great-looking app and website. Be consistent across social media platforms and monitor the progress.

How many of you do not find the salon chair as comfortable as the cozy recliner at home? Now, after months of lockdown, even heading out is an uphill task for many of us. Though beauty salons are open, the rush there can make you furious. For some people, working at home has made daily life exhaustive, and dedicating time to beautify seems impossible. Moreover, taking local transports and sitting indoors in public places is not safe yet. How about getting groomed up as and when you desire. Here is where on-demand beauty services have a role. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated almost all online businesses. So, it is the best time to launch a beauty app, offer online consultations, live sessions through Zoom, and provide at-home services. 

Treatments like hair spas and facials might be tricky for beginners. There are different procedures, and at times clients prefer to get it done by well-established brands. Moreover, the equipment and kits involved are many and costly too. And, in today’s digital world, an unsatisfied review on social media sites can result in a bad reputation. But nail art is easy for beginners, and one can recreate the model pictures chosen. The tools and art supplies are lightweight and affordable. 

Nail Art Tools

The first things required are manicure tweezers, scissors, and files. Most clients prefer to combine manicures and nail art. For creating designs, one has to use art and stripping tapes. Dotting tools and rhinestones help in creating beautiful designs and add the right amount of bling. For fancier work, adding sparkle beads and glitter is apt. High-quality Nail polish set, topcoats, and base coats are must-have products. Thin brushes and correcting pens come as handy tools. Many designers tend to use acrylic colors for increasing brightness. Nail polish removers and glitter removers are also an integral part of nail art designing. You can sell all the related tools online through the app, website, or social media pages. These are all lightweight, and one can keep them in a small pouch. Thus, running at-home services is also possible.

Image by StockSnap, via
Image by StockSnap, via

Active Social Media Profile

When the business is entirely online, you do not have a physical location where customers visit. Therefore, it becomes essential to make connections virtually. The first step is to build a uniform online profile. Today, Instagram is the holy grail for beauty businesses. Showcase all your work and products on Instagram. Apart from the business app, let the customers make appointments and purchases directly on the platform. Also, update info on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Make the content uniform by cross-posting. Moreover, it is essential to reply to queries on all social media sites. It helps in building a good brand image. Initially, you can create demos with the help of friends and show some DIY videos. Make sure that the pictures and reels have proper lighting and details. Always include stage-by-stage images of a nail art design. Try giving the details in the website blog and Youtube channel. 

Live demos and consultations

Be it hair treatments, nails styling, or facials- there are many tutorials available on Youtube. But people are reluctant to experiment with new stuff concerning beauty care. Moreover, buying the required materials can be cumbersome. Online grooming businesses that work the best are the ones that sell merchandise and provide consultations simultaneously. You can set up online meetings on platforms like Zoom and cater to 2-3 clients simultaneously. But let the customers choose between remote sessions and at-home services. Also, it is recommendable to conduct live Q&A sessions on social sites like Instagram. Personalize and give product-specific deals to engage the customers. Offer free consultations regularly and connect to clients via emails and messages. 

Use Digital Tools

Starting a nail spa online does not require much investment. But one has to put in hard work to gain recognition and draw customers. So, you need experience and exposure to various designs and tools available. Next comes the technical aspects. Often one may not have a team to take care of the digital marketing needs. But many customizable apps are available that take care of different processes involved, such as appointment booking, customer database maintenance, the marketing calendar, etc. Always provide simple ways to make payments. Use attractive image templates to post info on social media like offers, product endorsements, and new designs. One can easily create them with graphic design tools like Canva. 

Final Thoughts

The ability to make someone look beautiful and feel confident is noble. And, it is best to embark on the journey of the beauty business online. The number of people buying online increased manifold due to the pandemic. Similarly, people are looking forward to remote services and DIY tutorials. Thus start your online salon with a great-looking app and website. Be consistent across social media platforms and monitor the progress.

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