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How to Use CBD Oil for Pregnancy

— July 20, 2020

There is no real research that suggests CBD oil being harmful during pregnancy. We’d advise you to be cautious with any kind of drug without advice from your medical advisor.

Pregnancy is stressful and painful for mothers, to say the least. But as the body creates a healthy environment for the new one, it takes a definite and heavy toll on the mother’s body and mind. They go through various physical changes, but what is more troubling than the actual physical ailments, are the psychological ones. Pregnancy causes hormone levels to fluctuate drastically. It can induce mood swings to depression and anxiety for the mother.

Therein comes Cannabidiol. CBD oil for pregnancy morning sickness has become very appealing to people and much in mothers after the birth of the baby. As days go, CBD oil is greatly accepted by many as a viable form of medication during and after pregnancy. 

CBD, What is it Exactly?

CBD is weed without a high effect. It is extracted from a type of marijuana plant called hemp; its THC level is lower than in cannabis, which is more commonly known. CBD is extracted from the plant and then diluted with oil to make it safe and edible. The lower amount of THC makes CBD oil non-addictive. Experts still don’t count CBD as a viable alternative for prescription medication. They are unsure of its side effects and what it can do to a forming fetus.

How Does CBD Oil Work?

CBD oil benefits in many ways. During pregnancy, women go through a large amount of physical and psychological strain. So, what pregnancy symptoms does it help with? Sleepless nights to mood swings and depression. You can use it on your skin or go a bit further by vaporizing the oil and inhaling it to calm your nerves. It helps to fall asleep, relieve anxiety, stress, and mood swings along with a variety of issues mothers have to go through in pregnancy. It can help with pregnancy back pain, pregnancy acne, and morning sickness. You can learn more about CBD on CBD Centrals.

Are There Any Downsides to CBD Oil During Pregnancy?

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CBD oil for pregnancy sounds amazing at first glance but, there are a few caveats you must be aware of before jumping right on that CBD hype train. Few cases have shown that CBD during pregnancy can be harmful to the health of the growing fetus. It can stunt the growth of the baby and its brain. In the worst case, it results in a stillborn.  Although, the research isn’t as comprehensive or extensive to come to a definite conclusion. You can get the best advice from your doctor or nutritionist and learn if CBD is right for you. If not, they can suggest a safer alternative. 

CBD and Breastfeeding

The truth of the matter is no one knows what CBD can do to breast milk and if it causes any effects or harm to the newborn. Many speculate that the oil can make its way into the milk, harming the baby. Although there is no research to back it up, rather more people suggest zero effects on the baby were seen after breastfeeding while using CBD. It ultimately comes down to you and should you risk it. CBD can be chucked in the same list of alcohol or a simple cup of coffee as it might just have the same or no effect on the baby. 


There is no real research that suggests CBD oil being harmful during pregnancy. It is not yet recognized by the medical community for therapeutic uses. It is a calculated choice and a decision that should be made between the doctors and the parents before use. There is no known dosage amount or list of side effects yet, so we’d advise you to be cautious with any kind of drug without advice from your medical advisor.

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