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How to Write a Correct Request to Government Agencies

— August 27, 2021

When writing your request, be attentive to all the details. Make sure you are going to contact the right agency since this is already half the success.

Those who are faced with writing a request to government agencies know that remaining unanswered is quite a common result. Often the reason for this is the incorrect request letter. Sometimes the problem can be hidden in only one mistake in the recipient’s name or address.

When writing a request, you need to be attentive to all the details. Below you will find tips to help you correctly formulate your question and get the necessary information from government agencies.

What is a Request Letter?

Letters of requests are written to receive some information or action from government agencies formally or politely. The request letter should be short and direct without any supporting and unnecessary information.

The goals for writing such a request can be completely different. But whatever the purpose, you should be clear and polite. The writing style of your letter directly influences whether you will receive the answer you need.

Top 3 Tips for Writing a Correct Request to Government Agencies

When it comes to receiving any information from government agencies, it becomes necessary to write a request. Those who encounter this for the first time may face a misunderstanding of how to write a request. The following tips will help you to write a correct request that will not go unanswered.

  1. Research Before Writing

When you are faced with the need to obtain any information about the state agency, you need to conduct research. The point is that you need to find the appropriate organization or department that will help you with your question. If you send a request to the wrong agency, then you will not receive the information that you need.

So make sure you choose the right government agency to get your question/problem answered and solved. To do this, do your research online, find the necessary contact details, and discover the requirements to submit your request. For instance, some agencies may require sending a postal letter when others allow sending an email.

  1. Contact the Head Office of the Government Agency

Once you have found a government agency that is suitable for your question, contact the secretary. Why is this needed? Since government agencies usually do not respond quickly to citizens’ requests, you should find out in advance whether you have chosen the right agency to resolve your issue and how long it will take to receive a response to your request.

Talk to a representative of the agency, make sure that you are going to write a request for the right addressee and you have all the necessary information. Any mistake in the name, address, or a mistake where you name “agency” as a “department” or vice versa can lead to zero results. So, it is worth spending a little of your time getting information before starting to write a request.

  1. Look for Sample Letters for a Certain Government Agency

Before you start writing your letter, search for examples of letters that relate to the specific agency you want to contact. You can also look for templates on official government websites. If there are no examples you need, contact the secretary of the agency to request the template you need or advice on writing your request.

If you do not know where to start, you can turn to professional writers for help. There are a lot of law-savvy professionals who offer assistance in writing requests to government agencies. To find such writers, you can look at the reviews on paper writing services website and find top authors who will offer services in different areas.

What to Consider When Writing a Request?

When you start writing the complete text of your request, it is vital to consider the following points:

  • When writing the sender’s address, it is not recommended to exceed 3-4 lines.
  • Underline the subject of your letter.
  • Excluding informal greetings like “Dear” and so on.
  • Follow a clear structure. 
  • The introduction should reflect the purpose of your request. 
  • The body of the letter should contain meaningful details and specifics. 
  • In conclusion, you need to ask for action/solution to the issue and thank them for the answer/help.

Things to Remember When Writing a Request

Man writing on white paper; image by Cytonn Photography, via
Image by Cytonn Photography, via

Once you have all the data you need, it is worth making sure that you do not miss important points in writing requests, regardless of which government agency you are applying to and for what purposes. There are some points that you need to take into account to streamline your request resolution.

  • Your request letter must be formal from start to finish.
  • Your letter should clearly state the problem or question. When reading your request, the recipient should immediately understand what you are talking about and not think it over and then ask additional questions. If you do not formulate a question clearly, then there are risks that you will not receive a satisfactory answer.
  • Don’t add any details that are not relevant to the essence of your questions or requests.
  • Follow a clear format and avoid words that don’t make any sense. For example: Hence, moreover, by the way, and so on.
  • The letter should be meaningful and short, try not to make the text long.
  • Do not forget to complete your letter with thanks for the quick response and resolution.

Wrapping Up

When writing your request, be attentive to all the details. Make sure you are going to contact the right agency since this is already half the success. Also, follow a clear and formal style, and don’t overload the letter with unnecessary information. Take a little of your time to make the correct request and get the answer you need.

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