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How Can Women Find Balance Between Work and Motherhood During Coronavirus?

— November 12, 2020

Are you a working mother during COVID-19? This is how to find balance.

Achieving a work-life balance might be a sham. And let’s be honest, finding this balance is never an easy feat; only a few manage to live the dream. And if you are a working mum, the odds seem to be stacked against you. 

Then came the coronavirus pandemic, and because of it, schools are closed, and working remotely cannot be avoided. With noisy attention-seeking kids at home and an employee or employer at your beck and call, balancing work and motherhood is even more daunting. 

If you are a working mum, you can attest that it has not been easy. But with our working mum’s advice, we guarantee that you can find ways to make your life less formidable. Let’s start with your goals. 

1. Set New Goals

Whether you are a working mum or stay at home mum, your daily goals are fundamental. For a mum that stays at home, you now have your kids all day, and maybe your husband is working from home.

For a working mum, you have a responsibility to your household and your business. It doesn’t matter which you are; you need to create new goals. Set goals that will balance the roles of every member of the family. 

Be flexible and let go of anything that is no longer of importance. Then prioritize everything else. Arrange for daycare for your kids if you can and hire a cleaning agency to help you with the house. 

Make it a goal to have your kids studying after breakfast until the afternoon. It will allow your husband time to make business calls while you handle the household chores. 

Set new routines where your husband deals with the children in the morning, and you take over in the afternoon. This will allow you both to have enough time to work and spend time with your family. Don’t forget that your kids can help with the chores as well. 

2. Follow with Communication

Working mum’s life is not easy. Hence, one of the best ways to enjoy your working mum benefits is by allowing and encouraging healthy communication.

Mother and daughter speaking; image by Candid_Shots, via
Mother and daughter speaking; image by Candid_Shots, via

Make sure to find time to talk to your children: find out how they feel about the pandemic, the information they are consuming, and ways to support them during these challenging times.

Then communicate with your partner. When was the last time you went on a date since you became a working mum with a baby? Has your partner seen you in anything other than work clothes and pajamas? You should find time to keep the romance alive in your home. 

If you are on quarantine, take the kids to daycare for a day or to their grandparents for the weekend and have some alone time with your spouse. Plan a dinner date to a nearby restaurant and allow yourselves to communicate and rekindle your intimacy. 

Don’t forget to communicate with your colleagues and employer. Capitalize on communication platforms that will offer you instant communication avenues. But above it all, remember to be transparent and honest about how you feel.  

3. Create Your Working Mum Benefits 

The best way to do this is by making time for self-care. Find an hour or two a day to be alone. It will allow you to replenish your energy. Once you are energized, you can get back to being a working mum. 


You can only give as much as you have. And remember, it is very easy to burnout if you are trying to juggle work, your kids, your spouse, and your needs: There’s only one of you. What have you done to balance your work and home life during qu

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