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Important Information on How Environmental Damage Can Result in Lawsuits

— August 11, 2022

Companies that deal with oil and fuel especially have been known to cause waste to enter the ground or the local water.

New Orleans, LA – In Louisiana and other states, businesses and companies have an obligation to engage in practices that are safe and will not cause harm to the public. One of the most serious breaches of this duty is when a company causes resources such as water, land, air, and other aspects of the environment to become seriously polluted and contaminated. Aside from damage to the environment and wildlife, people can develop serious health problems, cancers, respiratory problems, or even fatal illnesses from these contaminants. In addition to health impacts, there is also the possibility of nuisance cases related to problems caused by operations that interfere with the ability of others to live peacefully or conduct normal operations in the area. A lawyer can explain more about these processes to bring a lawsuit against an entity that has caused environmental harm. 

What are some examples of environmental damage that can result in lawsuits?

Water is an important resource. Sometimes, the chemicals, fuels, or other materials used by an operation can end up in water supplies and ultimately in water that ends up in people’s homes. Companies that deal with oil and fuel especially have been known to cause waste to enter the ground or the local water. Various kinds of pollution and damage to the land can also be severe enough that they cause particular harm to the residences or businesses nearby, which is considered a nuisance. 

Damages in civil lawsuits

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Whatever party causes harm to others can be made to pay for these actions through a civil case for compensation, as financial remedies are the most common in all civil accident or injury lawsuits. This includes things like the costs of the person’s medical bills, any income or wages lost due to their injuries, and non-economic compensation for pain and suffering related to quality of life losses. If the person will experience future health problems or lost income due to the defendant, this can also be factored into their damages and projected for several years. 

More information about environmental pollution lawsuits

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