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Injured by Falling Objects on Windy Days in New York?

— January 25, 2022

Another major threat in New York is construction debris.

New York pedestrians are vulnerable to many potential hazards. Consider the prevalence of negligent drivers on the road, the never-ending construction sites, and the icy sidewalks during winter. But there is another threat that many people do not fully appreciate: falling objects. When it gets windy in the Big Apple, strong gusts can cause all manner of objects to fall on innocent pedestrians. This includes construction equipment, icicles, and even road signs. 

If you have been injured by a falling object in New York, you are already well aware of this danger. You may be dealing with significant medical expenses and missed wages due to your injury. In this situation, you might consider getting in touch with a qualified personal injury attorney in New York. These legal professionals can guide you towards a positive legal outcome, and they can make sure you receive the settlement you need to cover your damages. 

Injured by Falling Road Signs

According to an article published in September of 2021, road signs pose a significant threat to the public in New York. The city has over a million signs, and many of these signs come loose on particularly windy days. Experts say that wind speeds will increase dramatically by 2050 in New York, and this will cause new safety threats. The signage in its current form is extremely vulnerable to these winds, and people can be injured when they come loose. Those who become injured by falling signs may have the ability to sue the city for large sums of money. 

Injured by Construction Debris

Another major threat in New York is construction debris. Many construction sites fail to properly secure their equipment and supplies. When this debris comes loose at considerable heights, the consequences can be tragic. People have been killed by falling construction debris in the past, and construction sites face serious lawsuits if their negligence leads directly to injuries and fatalities.

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Icicles are another major threat in New York. Huge icicles can form in the winter, and when these icicles melt and fall from considerable heights, they can cause injuries and deaths for innocent pedestrians. Property owners have a legal responsibility to clear away ice and make sidewalks safe for pedestrians. If they fail to warn pedestrians about falling icicles with signs, they could be liable. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

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