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Common Types of Injuries Sustained in a Motor Vehicle Accident

— May 27, 2021

Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries.

If you were injured in motor vehicle accident, the best way to pursue the personal and financial recovery you deserve may be by filing a personal injury claim with an experienced attorney.

Injuries can be minor or serious. For instance, more than 6 million broken bones occur each year in the United States, and 33 percent occur because of severe trauma, such as the trauma of a car crash.

Here, we see the usual suspects: whiplash, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury. Read on for more information on the common types of injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident, by clicking on the graphic below.

Graphic courtesy of author.

Graphic courtesy of author.LegalReader thanks our friends at Butler Law Firm for permission to share this infographic. The full piece is found here.

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