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Insurance Claims Lawyers in Melbourne Help You Win the Damages You Deserve

— February 14, 2022

Months go by and your claim is unresolved. This is what the law defines as acting in bad faith.

Many Florida homeowners are still struggling to repair their houses after the last hurricane season, although it wasn’t as devastating as in some of the previous years. At least those who managed to get their money from the insurance company. Not all have, because if there’s one thing insurers hate is parting with large sums of money. When it comes to you paying your premium on time, they’re very glad to take your money. When it comes to giving you the damages you’re entitled to, well, that’s when the trouble starts. If your insurer is giving you a hard time, don’t just stand there with the roof that needs fixing, get in touch with seasoned Florida insurance claims lawyers in Melbourne or whatever city you live in. They’ll know how to get you your money.

Let’s have a look at the most common tactics insurance companies use to wiggle their way out of their legal obligations towards policyholders. Obviously, they use the same tactics with car accident claims, personal injury, boating accidents or amusement park injuries. 

Delaying your claim – When you file a claim with an insurance company you expect to hear from them within a reasonable time. Some promise to answer your claim in as little as 5 days, but it might be up to 30 days before they give you a call. And it’s not going to be a call announcing they have your money ready. No, they’ll probably let you know they need more time and you have to bring more documents, and then they’ll see. Months go by and your claim is unresolved. This is what the law defines as acting in bad faith. However, if you enlist the help of experienced insurance claims lawyers and they get on the case, you’ll find that the insurance adjuster has miraculously found some time to see you.

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Minimizing the value of your claim – When they finally agree to sit down with you and talk about your claim, you’ll go prepared. If your house was damaged by a hurricane, you’ll have the contractors’ estimate on the costs of the repairs. Or, if you were in a car accident, you’ll present your medical bills and explain that you’ve been forced to miss work for two months now. Only they’ll start finding fault with you. Maybe some of the damages to your home weren’t caused by the windstorm, they’ll say, so don’t expect them to pay for your own negligence. Maybe your back hurt before the accident and why should they pay for that. They know that they have to pay you something so they’ll offer a pitiful amount of money. Take it or leave it! Leave it and come back with a knowledgeable lawyer to tell them what’s what. 

Denying your claim – What can you say when they deny your claim? Maybe they’ll tell you that the damage to your house was caused not by the hurricane, but by flooding, and you don’t have that add-on on your policy, do you? How can you explain to them that it was the windstorm that damaged the roof and that it was the rain that damaged your walls and most of your furniture? Once again, they’re acting in bad faith. You know that, but you don’t have the expertise to counter their arguments. An experienced lawyer does so, if you have any problem with an insurance claim, don’t hesitate to get one. 

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