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Interesting Facts About CBD Oil

— November 22, 2019

There exist plenty of ways to take CBD. It might be in the form of pure food supplements, vaping CBD oils, edibles, or even some beverages that might contain it.

The common opinion of drugs today is shaped by icky ideas from the past. This is not a problem limited to the media. People tend to believe that as CBD is ‘safe’ marijuana, and it has its anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects, it can be applied to various diagnoses and for pleasure as well.

CBD is an element contained in the marijuana plants. It is highly popular today because it is believed to a ‘good’ or an ‘innocent’ one. In other words, it seems to have no psychoactive effects. It is often used as a dietary supplement, medicine, or a component of vaping liquid.

However, do we know enough about CBD? Is our CBD education complete? Having read many CBD oil reviews (cbdhow tells more), we can share several interesting facts about it.

CBD vs. THC: Are They So Different?

To tell the truth, CBD has exactly the same structural components as THC does. The main difference is just that the components in THC and CBD are composed differently. Both THC and CBD have a similar chemical structure to our ‘native’ endocannabinoids, which we all have in our bodies. That is why both of them interact with the human body so well and release neurotransmitters in our brain – the chemicals that help our brain cells communicate with each other. Neurotransmitters also affect sleep, pain, stress, immune function, anxiety, and so on.

CBD is the element that negates some side effects of THC. For instance, when THC triggers anxiety, depression, restlessness, CBD, on the contrary, can help to fight these psychological facts. 

CBD: Affecting Your Mind Safely?

Being considered as non-psychoactive CBD cannot make you high. THC provides this property of marijuana. However, we cannot say it to be non-psychotropic, because it still interacts with the human mind to its nature. Besides, CDB is not toxic, which means that it is difficult to overdose on it.

CBD also helps in establishing balance within the endocannabinoid system, which is our body’s major native regulatory network, and does not elicit any euphoria.

CBD as Relaxation Method & Some Other Uses: WHAT Does CBD Do?

Marijuana served as a natural stress reliever for ages. Today, when taking marijuana is mainstream, plenty of things are made with CBD. The comparatively new ways to use CBD and get real joy and relaxation are to use special massage lotions, edibles, or oral sprays. The thing is that CBD oils firstly relax your body, reduce physical discomfort, and then make your mind rested as well. People who take CBD oils for relaxation claim they become less edgy, improve work concentration, and have better sleep patterns.

However, there exists another sphere of life where CBD oils help to receive more pleasure and reduce pain and inflammation – during intercourse. Yes, CBD can make your sex better. Participants of the survey claim that their intercourse process is better; they feel almost no pain now and their muscles are more relaxed. The other point here is that CBD oil for anxiety can set a certain mood and you will feel more romantic, and relaxed before intercourse.

Green cannabis leaves and black glass drops bottle; image by Kimzy Nanney, via
Green cannabis leaves and black glass drops bottle; image by Kimzy Nanney, via

The Source of CBD: Does It Matter Where CBD is Taken From?

One source of CBD is, for sure, the marijuana plant; however, it can also be sourced from hemp. The most common misconception is that CBD taken from marijuana is more potent than the one made from hemp.

The truth is, though, it does not matter, wherefrom you take CBD. In any case, it is CBD, and it works like any other CBD. This misconception is triggered by the fact that the percentage of CBD in especially bred sorts of marijuana is much higher than in the hemp. However, when CBD oils are extracted, it does not matter how much CBD was in the plant before: 1g of hemp-based CBD works the same way as 1g of marijuana-based CBD.

Therefore, when you are told that some CBD oils are better than the other is just because of the source – know they are lying. The difference might be only in its concentration.

CBD as Pets’ Food: A Flout or Some Help?

Humans are the same mammals as horses, dogs, cats, or whales are. And the situation is that all the mammals listed above have similar endocannabinoid systems, which, in turn, means that adding CBD to the diet of your cat or dog might improve his or her wellbeing and balance cannabinoid’ interaction.

This balance provides them with healthy joints support, improved cardiovascular function, and better emotional behavior. The foods containing either CBD liquid, or oil, or other treats could be bought in many local shops if marijuana is allowed in your state. In case you would decide to try, you can even order the foods online.

CBD as Anti-Epileptic Medicine: How to Fight the Disease?

Plenty of research was done to help cure epilepsy. The studies of CBD on the illness are comparatively limited, and the one developed best of the others is refractory epilepsy in children.

In the U.S., Lennox–Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome – which are both variations of epilepsy – can be treated with CBD in patients over two years old. CBD can theoretically control seizures; however, it is not easy to predict the dosage and the effect.

There exist plenty of ways to take CBD. It might be in the form of pure food supplements, vaping CBD oils, edibles, or even some beverages that might contain it. In case you want to take CBD, it is better to consult your doctor first because every person has an individual dosage and it might be challenging to identify it yourself.

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