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Is Employee Sexual Harassment Legally Prohibited in New Mexico?

— December 10, 2021

Once a person is sexually harassed, it can be difficult to speak up just because of the nature and gravity of the crime.

New Mexico has many laws in place to protect the fundamental human rights of everyone who resides there. One of the factors that are covered through New Mexico law is the prohibition of sexual harassment. According to the New Mexico Human Rights Act, discrimination in employment based on sex or identity is prohibited. This Act is effective for employers who have at least 4 employees. 

When looking at the legal definition of sexual harassment, individuals will understand that not every sexual act carried out by employees fits under this category. The behavior is only considered sexual harassment when it was not consensual from both parties and when it was repeated and aggressive, or it had employment compensation linked to it. It is highly recommended for employers in New Mexico to train their employees on all matters regarding sexual harassment as this can prevent a lot of hassle and also help them legally if a claim is every made.

Employees have a lot of rights in the workplace and any employer that does not meet up to the standard required for them will likely have to face legal consequences. Under no circumstances is it okay for an employer or anyone else in the workplace to make unwelcome sexual advances towards another person. However, this is relatively common and happens far too often. If a person feels like going to work has become difficult or even dangerous because of the advances being made towards them, they should immediately report the behavior to their managers and if action is not taken, they should call a sexual harassment lawyer for further advice on their current situation. 

Taking a stand against sexual harassment in New Mexico

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Once a person is sexually harassed, it can be difficult to speak up just because of the nature and gravity of the crime. However, victims will need to work past their fears and speak up because this is doing themselves a huge favor as well as those who are around them. Most perpetrators always have more than one victim, and they continue to carry out their abuse until they are finally reported and confronted. Victims need to stand up against the hurtful behavior being carried out and this can be done by connecting with a sexual harassment lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about their legal rights and what steps are best to take in their current situation. 

Connect with a sexual harassment lawyer today to learn more about what the law says about such situations and to begin standing up for oneself and possibly to get compensated for any losses suffered.

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