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Is Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Illegal in Springfield, Massachusetts?

— December 14, 2021

When an employee speaks up regarding the abuse they were put through, employers are required to listen and not turn a deaf ear.

Sexual harassment is prohibited in Massachusetts and the exact penalty that a person is faced with will differ based on how much harm they caused to the other person. The more harm that they caused, the more severe their legal consequences will be. The Supreme Judicial Court in Massachusetts has made it clear that sexual harassment counts as discrimination and forbids sexual harassment in all places, and the workplace is no exception.

All employers are expected to follow a set of rules and regulations that protect their employees from sexual harassment, and if the necessary protocol is not followed then they are guilty of opposing the law and the victim has every right to demand compensation from them. The only way that the victim will be able to file a legitimate legal claim is by getting in touch with a sexual harassment attorney and gathering as much evidence as they possibly can.

In no way is it easy for the victim to deal with the continued abuse and the aftermath of the acts. Such behavior can take a significant toll on their physical and mental health and make it difficult for them to regain their confidence or develop essential relationships with others in the future. Victims need to understand that their employer has strong legal obligations to promote a work environment that is free from all forms of sexual harassment. Employers must give all their new employees a sexual harassment policy that outlines the consequences of such behavior. All employees, especially those at a managerial or supervisory role are also to be trained and educated regarding this topic so they understand the gravity of the action and they stay away from conducting such behavior. 

Do employers have to respond to sexual harassment complaints in Springfield, Massachusetts?

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When an employee speaks up regarding the abuse they were put through, employers are required to listen and not turn a deaf ear. If they fail to investigate, then this will further contribute to an environment of hostility and offenders may feel like they can get away with any actions, leading to more cases of harassment occurring.

Offenders need to be confronted on the spot and clearly told that this behavior is completely unacceptable, and it is the duty of the employer to make sure that they are being held to account appropriately. 

Individuals who face sexual harassment have every right to file a sexual harassment complaint and they should reach out to a sexual harassment lawyer to let them know the abuse they went through in their workplace so proper action can be taken to prevent such incidents from happening again and to stop the offender.

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