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Julia Haart Now Being Sued by Her Former New York Divorce Lawyer

— December 13, 2022

Hillman is now alleging Haart neglected to pay her nearly $500,000 for her services.

PageSix exclusively revealed on December 6, 2022, that Julia Haart, the star of the Netflix series My Unorthodox Life, is being sued by her former New York divorce attorney1. Haart filed for divorce from Silvio Scaglia, owner of Elite World Group, in February 2022 just hours after she was fired from her CEO role.

Although Haart has since retained a new lawyer, the woman she was initially being represented by, attorney Adria Hillman, is claiming Haart “stiffed her out of $413,110.70.”

Julia Haart’s former divorce lawyer filed suit against the reality TV star on December 1, 2022

When Haart filed for divorce, she was being represented by Hillman, a divorce lawyer in New York. PageSix cited that during that time, she provided legal services “in connection with negotiating a separation agreement and/or representation in a matrimonial action.”

Hillman is now alleging Haart neglected to pay her nearly $500,000 for her services. PageSix spoke with Haart’s new lawyer, Nancy Chemtob, who stated that the reality TV star “has a tremendous amount of integrity. She would not stiff any lawyer or person and not pay them unless there was good reason. She has the right to dispute charges and work product.”

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Divorce certificate - Image by Tumisu, via
Divorce certificate – Image by Tumisu, via

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