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Language is No Longer a barrier for Getting Instant Legal Advice with

— November 3, 2020 announces ‘Just Consult’ offering legal advice in 8 Indian languages.

Every Legal recourse begins with a correct Advice. India being a land of diverse languages and cultures making it a challenge for an individual to access quick legal consultation in its own language from the convenience of home anytime.  To bridge the language gap a one-stop-solution for all legal queries has come up with 8 different Indian Language options to consult with a lawyer any time of their convenience.  Available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, Kannada and Bengali, also launched ‘Just Consult’ feature on their website to consult legal problems with verified Lawyers in your own language 24X7 with complete trust from the comfort of your home. aggregated more than 8000 Lawyers in 800 Indian cities & districts now offering “Just Consult” an instant Legal Advice platform in 8 Indian Languages within 20, 30, 45 & 60 minutes Legal consultation packages which allows you to speak to a Lawyer anytime in 6 months from the date of the purchase starts at just Rs. 399 for 20 minutes of Consultation. 

After its launch recently, witnessed a promising response from all the regions in India and the users seeking legal advice used Hindi, Marathi, Telugu & Kannada as the key language choices making 80% of the total call volume; English, Tamil, Bengali, Malayalam constituted rest of the 20% calls. 

“Ever since on-demand legal consultation was launched on there was a consistent request from the users to speak to a Lawyer in their own language & ‘Just Consult’ with 8 language features is empowering the citizens because they are comfortable discussing their legal problem in their own language and easy to understand Lawyer’s advice” said Dr Arvind Singhatiya, CEO

Graphic depicting lawyer holding smartphone, various legal symbols in the air before the the lawyer. Graphic by Mohamed Hassan, via
Graphic depicting lawyer holding smartphone, various legal symbols in the air before the the lawyer. Graphic by Mohamed Hassan, via

To access to a lawyer in India for an independent consultation an individual has many levels of challenges, first accesses and currently it is happening mostly through a reference, google search or by going to the nearest court; another level of challenge is a non-standard fee for a legal consultation. Waiting, appointment, local travel, inconvenience & in COVID scenario many courts are closed are some of the other key challenges.  With Just Consult now you can access an on-demand legal consultation on phone with verified lawyers anytime without stepping out the convenience of your home. You can choose to buy consultation minutes which are fixed priced and also choose your language of consultation for better explaining and understanding the options available to you. Just Consult lawyers are available 24X7 on 

Just Consult is growing with 85% Month on Month minutes sold and in the last 5 months, more than 1 Lakh minutes of consultation has already happened and increasing.

 We are innovating every day with “Just Consult” by adding more innovative features to it. Our vision to create easy and instant access to Lawyer’s advice and empower citizens with their legal options” through an instant, Secure and confidential call from their phone at a price which is affordable and easy to pay” added Dr Singhatiya. 

About LegalKart – Founded in 2018, LegalKart is a Legal technology company. It has more than 8000 lawyers on its platform. It has developed India’s first practice management mobile app for legal professionals. It’s a unique practice management app wherein lawyers can build, manage and grow their legal practice & automate all their manual processes to be more efficient and updated. LegalKart is a trusted legal advisor for individual and business customers. It has so far delivered more than 1 Lakh minutes of consultation to customers coming from more than 300 cities.

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