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Lawsuit: Nevada Mom Says Charter School Forced Her Biracial Son to Claim “White Privilege”

— December 28, 2020

The lawsuit suggests that William Clark–who is biracial–was singled out for privilege checks because of his White appearance.

A Nevada mother has filed a lawsuit against her son’s charter school, claiming teachers wouldn’t allow him to drop a class that promotes hostility against White people.

According to The College Fix’s coverage of the case, the Democracy Preparatory Academy at Agassi Campus made William Clark to take a course entitled “The Sociology of Change.” The class was listed as one of Clark’s last remaining graduation requirements.

As part of the sociology curriculum, students investigated and discussed the real-world ramifications of prejudice, as well as academic concepts such as white privilege and patriarchy. Students were told they were contributing to other people’s oppression if they refused to identify and acknowledge their membership in certain “privileged” groups.

In one classroom presentation, students were shown slides that listed the United States’ “dominant” social groups: “white,” “male,” “middle/upper class,” “heterosexual,” and “Christian.”

“Everyone else” was categorized as “submissive.”

Wooden gavel on black, reflective surface; image via, CCO.
Wooden gavel on black, reflective surface; image via, CCO.

Clark, notes Fox News, is biracial—his mother is Black, while his deceased father was White. In court filings, Clark recalls how he felt discriminated against and harassed by different elements of the sociology program.

Clark was, among other things, purportedly forced to “make professions about his racial, sexual, gender and religious identities in verbal class exercises and in graded, written homework assignments.”

The teacher—a self-identified “White, Irish, American citizen with privilege”—told or otherwise suggested that Clark was sabotaging other groups’ chances at success by not reflecting on his privilege as a partially White male.

Clark, along with several of his coursemates, verbally objected to some aspects of the curriculum.

“For this protected speech and others like it, Defendant Kathryn Bass [the teacher] terminated class discussion immediately with the intent to chill and discourage future objections to Defendants’ sponsored politicized ideology,” the lawsuit states.

The lawsuit, says Fox News, further observed the irony inherent to Clark’s case—while Democracy Prep encourages students to carry out acts of social and political dissent, such as “occupying” a cafeteria, it would not tolerate Clark’s opposition to Bass’s teaching strategy.

Attorneys for Clark said the boy was signaled out because—and in spit of his biracial heritage—he has a fair complexion, with light hair and green eyes.

“Defendants, who include a state funded and sponsored charter school, teachers and senior administrators, have deliberately created a hostile educational environment for Plaintiff William Clark, who, unlike his classmates, appears to be and is regarded by his peers as white,” the lawsuit states. “Defendants thus discriminated on the basis of race and color, in addition to sex, gender and religion, in violation of Title VI and Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.”

Clark and his mother, Gabrielle, are seeking an emergency order that would grant William his degree and give him “an alternative, non-discriminatory, non-confessional class that would restore him to good academic standing as he applies for college.”


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