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Lawyer Arrested for Shooting Incident and Drug Possession

— April 2, 2018

Lawyer Arrested for Shooting Incident and Drug Possession

43-year-old Erik Graeff, an attorney who practices in Portland, Oregon, but lives in Washington, has been accused of manufacturing methamphetamine.  He has also been accused of possession of pseudoephedrine with the intent to manufacture the drug, as well as possession of substances used to prepare MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy or Molly.  Graeff was previously arrested for allegedly firing several shots at the office of another Oregon attorney on December 21, 2017.

A probable cause affidavit issued by law enforcement indicated police officers searched Graeff’s home and found what they believed to be a meth lab in the lawyer’s basement.  Officers also found chemicals, glass cookware, heating plates and a glass jar that contained meth.  And, they discovered several boxes of pseudoephedrine in a hall closet alongside a computer with notes and videos on how to produce meth and MDMA.  Police also found videos of an unknown man in the same basement attempting to manufacture Safrole, which is used to produce MDMA, and they seized two 9mm handguns during their search, one of which was loaded.

Lawyer Arrested for Shooting Incident and Drug Possession
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On the same day police searched his residence, Graeff was arrested and booked into the Washington County, Oregon, Jail on suspicion of unlawful use of a weapon and recklessly endangering another person stemming from the incident that occurred late last year.

Police claimed the lawyer shot at the law office of Terrence Hogan in Beaverton, Oregon, after an escalating dispute that began with a voicemail from Hogan telling Graeff he didn’t approve of his work on a civil case they had been paired up on together.  Hogan’s receptionist was nearly struck when one of the bullets went through an office window and hit her workspace.

A heated exchange of emails followed that initial voicemail in which Hogan warned Graeff he would have to eventually explain his conduct to bar officials.  Graeff responded that he is tougher than Hogan and the state bars.  Hogan then replied, “You know where I am, tough guy.”  The exact nature of the behavior to which Hogan referred was not disclosed.

Responding officers found six rounds had struck the building, two of which went through a window with one striking a computer monitor, and another lodged into the metal frame of a door.  The receptionist told police she had been preparing an office space for a new employee when she heard a metallic ping and was sprayed with material from the wall.  That’s when she realized she had almost been shot.

Graeff emailed Hogan the following day, according to the affidavit, stating, “Terry, I’m sorry I lost my temper yesterday, but you are not funny anymore with your threats.  You’re just an (expletive). This case is your foul up.  You should have taken charge of it after I filed it.  I’ve done the best I can.  With that off my chest, Merry Christmas buddy.”

Graeff was out on bail in the shooting case in Oregon when he was arrested by police after their discovery of drug paraphernalia.  His bail in the Clark County case was set at $25,000.


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