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Learn What Chicago Accident Lawyers Can Do for You

— June 7, 2022

Being seriously hurt is bad enough so make sure you at least recover the money you need to heal your injuries. 

Accidents will happen no matter how hard you try to protect yourself. There are those who are in mortal fear of flying and avoid planes, although you’re much more likely to be injured or killed in a car crash. Avoiding cars is all but impossible in a state like Illinois, but even if you did manage to do that, you still risk being hurt in a pedestrian accident. Did you know that each year there are approximately 1,500 pedestrian accidents in Illinois? And those that stand to suffer most are the people going on foot. 1,300 people are injured and 100 lose their lives in pedestrian accidents, most of them trying to cross a road.

The Chicago area holds an unenviable record. More than half of all the traffic-related crashes happen in and around the Windy City. If you cannot avoid accidents, you can at least learn how to protect your rights to fair compensation and the only people who can help you with that are knowledgeable Chicago accident lawyers. 

These types of attorneys deal with all sorts of accidents. It’s not just car crashes, but also motorcycle, truck, bus or train accidents. Even the occasional boating accident.

All accidents have two things in common as far as Illinois lawyers are concerned. You need to establish who was responsible and the best way to recover damages.

When it comes to traffic accidents, establishing who was at fault is essential to determining what sort of damages you are entitled to. The modified comparative fault rule applies in Illinois and this means you can get some damages even if you’re found partially responsible for what happened. If, for instance, you were on the phone at the time of the crash that counts as distracted driving, However, if the other driver involved was drunk and crashed into you, their fault is far greater. You might be 10% to blame for being distracted, but you can still claim 90% of the damages.

As far as the damages are concerned you can claim economic damages as well as non-economic damages, no matter the type of accident you were involved in. 

Economic damages should cover all your expenses and losses, such as fixing or replacing your car, your medical bills, including medication and rehabilitation programs, and the value of your lost wages for the duration of your recovery.

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Non-economic damages refer to your pain and suffering. If you’re left with a life-changing disability or disfigurement your accident lawyers will help you put a price on that, in accordance with state laws and legal precedents.  

The example with the drunk driver implies reckless behavior and in this case you are entitled to sue for negligence or ask for punitive damages.

The same applies to a boating accident. If those operating the boat are found guilty of negligence, you can claim punitive damages. For instance, if the safety equipment on board was inadequate and someone falls into the water, the company operating that boat should be held accountable. 

Being seriously hurt is bad enough so make sure you at least recover the money you need to heal your injuries. 

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