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Let’s Start Healthy Habits: Start Your Day Like This

— February 1, 2020

Without a proper plan, you won’t be able to accomplish much during the course of one day. This is true of your regular workdays and it applies to life in general.

In your quest to advance in life in the new year, you may be tempted to try new healthy habits; perhaps signing up at your local fitness center, or maybe even pushing things further with those fat-freezing procedures that are so popular with celebrities and high-flying execs. But the problem with taking the quick method is that it makes it more likely that you will put a strain on your mental and physical health by attempting to take a shortcut to looking healthy or having a “perfect” image. 

What they don’t tell you at those cosmetic clinics is that there are some simple things that anybody can do to improve health and well-being, and in the process, regain some of that lost youthful glow. 

The following are simple things that you can do everyday to stay healthy & strong, and to become more productive.

  1. Wake Up Early

Start your days early so that you can get more things done. But that’s not all: if you wake up early and step out into the world, it can help to balance your circadian rhythm by resetting your biological clock to work in tune with daylight/nighttime. 

Your bio clock is extremely important to your physical and mental health; and it influences processes such as sleep, appetite, weight loss, energy levels, and the immune system. Having taken note of your wake-up time, make a point to sleep early enough to get the recommended eight hours of sleep. 

  1. Drink Warm Water with Lemon

One of the best things you can do to stimulate metabolic function and clear out digestion problems is to drink warm water first thing in the morning. Adding some freshly-squeezed lemon makes it better because of the antioxidants that help to flush out toxins in the kidneys and liver. Also, lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C, which is needed to reinforce immune system functions. Drinking warm water in the morning allows you to eliminate many cases of headaches and pains; and it improves your energy throughout the day. 

  1. Get Positive: Start the Day with a Mantra

Come up with a mantra that encapsulates your situation in life and state of mind, and use it to propel you toward the accomplishment of your goals. This is easier said than done; but if there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to have an effect in your life it’s repetition. Start your days with a regular affirmation and it’s going to take root, and direct your thought, mood, and actions as well. Determine what your mantra should be and get started. 

  1. Eat More Greens

    Salad in metal bowl with tongs; image by Dan Gold, via
    Salad in metal bowl with tongs; image by Dan Gold, via

Add a side of greens to your meals every single day. This isn’t to torture your family, in fact it’s one of the best ways to get essential nutrients that perhaps you wouldn’t normally get from supplements. Besides, food sources provide better nutrients than supplements, and dark green vegetables have plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, water – all of which are needed for optimum organ function. 

  1. Schedule Your Day

Without a proper plan, you won’t be able to accomplish much during the course of one day. This is true of your regular workdays and it applies to life in general. Having a schedule allows you to organize events and fit them into a neat, doable timeframe. But when you operate all willy-nilly, there is a tendency to overdo things, or take up more than you can handle. This can be frustrating and cause you to reduce your ability to be productive.Decide what you should be doing, and create a comfortable schedule around all of it. Allocate some time to relax or have fun, because that’s important too! 

  1. Give Yourself Enough Time

It is easy to get caught up in the rush to succeed, especially when you start comparing yourself to a younger breed of entrepreneurs and tech people who all seem to be rising faster than rockets; all moving toward extra ordinary success and self-reliance. This is all wonderful and we can’t avoid being cognizant of emerging dynamics in this rapidly evolving world that we find ourselves in. 

But, having a proper foundation and being grounded will lead to an upward mobility, no matter how slow it seems to be moving at the time. To avoid serious mistakes, stay in tune with your center, and allow yourself time to grow. In the meantime, live fully and open all your senses to the world around you. 

The rush to the top can often get in the way of living. Try implementing most (if not all) of these tips for a better, healthier you. Good luck! 

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