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List of Some Most Common Practice Areas of a Criminal Lawyer

— June 6, 2022

White-collar crime can be overwhelming for clients because there are so many options regarding how to proceed with their cases.

Criminal law can be a daunting realm for even the most seasoned attorney, but there are many reasons to embark on an education in this practice area. First of all, there is a high demand for jobs in this sector, with some cities having up to 2 attorneys per 1,000 people. Secondly, criminal attorneys represent those who may have been wrongfully charged or discriminated against by the system.

If you or your loved ones face criminal charges of any type, you can always turn to criminal lawyers to represent the true side of your story in court. They help do right wrongs and stand up for those who need legal representation. Here are some common case types where these criminal lawyers offer their expertise:

Federal Drug Cases

To help those arrested for drug trafficking and other drug crimes, a criminal lawyer can help you with your case. These attorneys will be able to provide the best defense possible. The job is about getting you off the streets and obtaining the maximum money in fines, restitution, and court costs.

White-Collar Crime Cases

White-collar crime can be overwhelming for clients because there are so many options regarding how to proceed with their cases. However, a criminal attorney can provide expert advice on how to take your case from initial arrest through trial or even appeal if necessary. The Law Office of Diane C. Bass is known to offer the best representation in white-collar crimes.

Embezzlement Cases

Suppose you have been charged with embezzlement or another issue related to company funds or property misuse. In that case, you may feel overwhelmed, and a criminal lawyer can assist you in the defense of your case. In addition, you may be able to claim that there were mitigating circumstances. If your charges include state law violations and federal laws, then your criminal lawyer may also be able to help you with those charges.


In some instances, several individuals may come together to engage in illegal behavior, and a criminal lawyer may be able to help one of the participants who has been charged during the incident. For an attorney to represent you in this situation, he or she must be admitted to practice law in the state where the conspiracy occurred.

Drug Trafficking

Trafficking charges are some of the most common drug offenses and some of the most severe. A criminal lawyer can provide you with information as to how you can defend yourself against these types of charges and help you avoid pleading guilty because your punishment will likely be less severe if you choose this route.

Criminal charges are one of the most stressful events that you will ever endure, but it is important to have the assistance of an expert who understands the laws involved and the process. Remember to choose a lawyer with vast experience in criminal law and someone who has previous experience winning similar cases for their clients.

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