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Magic of Mornings: How to Do Everything You Planned

— May 8, 2019

Mornings hold a special magic that many of us don’t see. They give us the opportunity to choose between a stressed out, unproductive day and a day of peace and productivity.

Mornings are magical. Every time you wake up, if you’re having a healthy sleep schedule, you have the chance to decide how your day is going to be. No day is the same and is all about the things you’re doing in the morning.

Remember a morning when you woke up late and started to do everything stressed out. Now, try to remember if the rest of your day was stressful or not. I bet it was.

Now, imagine yourself waking up on time in a clean house, the sun touching your skin, no need to rush because you have plenty of time to take care of yourself, and still arriving on time. You have time to go for a run in the fresh air, read your favorite magazine, and organize your schedule.

How do you imagine the rest of your day after a morning like that? Great, isn’t it? The way you live your mornings is the key to living your life exactly how you want to and therefore, doing everything you planned to do.

Take Care of the Environment and Yourself

First things first, it’s not the same thing waking up in a messy house with odd smells and  waking up in a perfectly clean, organized, and refreshing house. You need to take care of the environment you’re living in. 

Your house is a very good reflection of your life – just keep this in mind

The first thing in the morning should be dedicated exclusively to you. Go to the bathroom, take a shower, brush your teeth, and do your hair (and makeup). If you have some guilty pleasure that you like to do in the morning, do it – morning is the best time to spoil yourself.


Most people exercise when they have time, but exercising does wonders for our bodies if it’s done in the morning. 

In the morning we already have enough energy to make it through the day, but most of the time, we don’t really feel like it. That’s because our blood flow is lazy too after a good sleep. 

A 15-minute jogging is all our body needs to improve the blood flow and give us the energy burst that we really needed, according to Essay Have specialists. 

In addition, exercising keeps us in good shape and improves our motivation, so it a win-win-win situation.

Eat a Nutritious Meal

It would be great if all our body needed is sleep, but we also need to fuel it up. The question is, what are we giving to our body to eat?

Obviously, breakfast will have to be a very nutritious meal because in the morning we’re using most of our energy – it’s the time of the day when our body is the most productive.

Therefore, you should take a severe look at your diet and give your body healthy nutrients in order to help you to finish all the things you planned to do that day.

If you’re giving your body the wrong foods in the morning, or worse, no food at all, how do you expect to go effectively and successfully through the day?

Shallow focus shot of hot coffee in mug; image by Tim Foster, via
Shallow focus shot of hot coffee in mug; image by Tim Foster, via

Oh – don’t forget to drink your tea or coffee in a peaceful place, alone with your thoughts.

Plan Your Day

Before you pack your things and go to work, you should define your day step-by-step. The same way you can’t go to war without a plan, you can’t live your day properly without a plan.

Without a clear path to follow in your mind, you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of time and eventually failing to achieve all the things you wanted to do that day.

A flexible and realistic plan, it’s all you need to guide you through the day. Just remember that you need to prioritize things according to their urgency and importance. 

Grademiners Reviews recommends that if you ever find yourself doing something neither important nor urgent, you need to stop immediately and put yourself back on track.


Meditation can be a very helpful activity in terms of keeping your emotions in check and putting you in a mood that makes you concentrate easier on your tasks. In order to be effective, meditation must be practiced at least daily.

Practicing meditation in the morning can improve your ability to focus drastically in time, so within no time you’ll be able to do everything you planned

Keep Trying

Don’t imagine that if you’re following all these tips you won’t fail or you’ll succeed from your first try. No, in most of the cases you’ll keep failing until your progress will become more and more noticeable. 

The trick is to keep trying, because failure is a teacher that helps us learn from our mistakes. According to Ninja Essays experts, if you’d never make mistakes, you’d never really learn.

You can’t manage you can do everything you plan to? Then it may be the time to change the way you live your mornings. Implement the above-mentioned tips in your morning routine and wait for your life and mood to change. 

Give yourself a little time to make this change and, sooner rather than later, you’ll notice that you’re doing more and more things from your to-do list.

Just remember that you must care enough to make this change in order to succeed. After all, what’s not to care when we’re talking about living your life exactly how you want to?

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