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Make the Nightmare of Black Friday a Dream Job

— November 25, 2020

How would you like to go on an online shopping spree with $8,000 of someone else’s money? The legal way, of course!

Black Friday… either you love it and are a hardcore shopper or you hate it and hibernate through it. Well, the folks at Coupon Lawn have a game changer for you! What would you do if you could stay home and do all your Black Friday shopping online? With an $8,000 budget that someone else picks up the tab for? Interested? Read on!

Shopping Expert Wanted: Go Shopping on Black Friday With A $8,000 Budget

The job in brief:

  • Receive a $8,000 budget to go online shopping on Black Friday
  • Test our coupons and share your experience with us
  • Keep everything you buy (seriously)!

With everyone saving up for Black Friday this November 27, it is expected that people will shift towards online shopping rather than physical stores due to the pandemic .

Which is why CouponLawn is here just to give you this special opportunity. Through this campaign, we aim to observe the changes in online shopping habits and the effectiveness of coupons during the pandemic.

Note: This is a job and you must apply. Please click on the image below to learn more and submit your application.

Who You Are graphic courtesy of Coupon Lawn.
Who You Are graphic courtesy of Coupon Lawn.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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