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Man Claims Aliens Made Him Vandalize Property

— October 20, 2017

Man Claims Aliens Made Him Vandalize Property

31-year-old Anouphong Inphachack from Wisconsin is facing two counts of felony arson of a building, two misdemeanor counts of graffiti, two counts of criminal damage to property and one misdemeanor count of carrying a concealed weapon after vandalizing a home several times over the past few weeks, attempting to set it on fire twice.  Inphachack claimed he had a good reason for his actions – aliens made him do it.

Sheboygan County District Attorney Joel Urmanski said it all started after someone spray painted the letters DNA on the house shortly after its new owners moved in, and things only got worse from there.

Inphachack, who has been diagnosed with schizophrenia, was arrested on October 5th.  According to the police report, officers were called to the house on five separate occasions for damage and vandalism over the course of several months.  The first incident occurred back in September and was reported by the new owners of the home who were in the process of renovating it.  In the weeks that followed, the owners found the front window smashed in, their vehicle damaged and there were two attempts to set the home on fire.

Man Claims Aliens Made Him Vandalize Property
Image Courtesy of Sheboygan County Sheriff’s Office

“It’s concerning. It’s frightening,” the homeowner, who wished to remain anonymous, said of how the family felt during the period in which the house was repeatedly being targeted.  The owners put up a sign in the front yard warning trespassers that they had installed camera equipment and police were monitoring the property.

Eventually, a neighbor spotted Inphachack with a gas can outside the home and reported it.  Officers found the man sitting in a dark red van with a hood pulled over his head.  He sped off as soon as they approached, but police caught up him and stopped the vehicle, taking the man into custody.

Upon being interviewed, Inphachack admitted to trying to set the home on fire, as well as the damage to the van.  He also indicated he had broken the kitchen window with this skateboard.  The man forewarned officers of an alien virus from outer space and claimed they were making him upset and causing him to vandalize the property.  He said that aliens were using black magic on him and they had changed his DNA to make him shorter, while “they are switching dimensions all the time” and “setting people up for a bad time.”  He continued, “I’m telling you the truth.  Alien virus to evolve mankind.”

Man Claims Aliens Made Him Vandalize Property
Image Courtesy of

Inphachack admitted to being mentally ill and said he had been prescribed medication.  He insisted the voices in his head made him do bad things.  Upon interviewing Inphachack’s parents, officers discovered their son had been refusing to take his pills, and had not been eating or sleeping.  They said they were legitimately afraid of what he might do, and repeatedly thanked officers for taking him in.  The homeowners said they were not aware of who Inphachack was prior to his arrest, but they were just glad he was caught and the nightmare was finally over.


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