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Man Warns Earth of Alien Invasion, Arrested for Intoxication

— October 11, 2017

Man Warns Earth of Alien Invasion, Arrested for Intoxication

Wyoming resident Bryant Johnson was arrested for driving under the influence and public intoxication after he allegedly told authorities he was from the future and traveled back in time to warn Earth of an alien invasion.  

Police were called to a residence on October 2nd where Johnson, in all seriousness, indicated he had traveled from the year 2048 to warn the planet’s inhabitants of an invasion that would occur in 2018.  He said he had actually meant to travel back to 2018, not 2017, but went on to report that everyone on Earth would need to leave “as quickly as possible,” even demanding to speak to the president of the town.

The man’s breath smelled of alcohol, he had watery, bloodshot eyes and spoke with slurred speech.  When his blood alcohol content (BAC) level was tested, it registered at .136, which he too blamed on the aliens, allegedly reporting they had filled his body with intoxicants before having him stand on a “giant pad” to transport him to the past.

According to the report, Johnson didn’t specify an exact date or time for the alien takeover.  Eventually, officers were able to curtail his wild stories and transport him to the Natrona County Detention Center without further incident.

Man Warns Earth of Alien Invasion, Arrested for Intoxication
Bryant Johnson, Image Courtesy of Casper Police Department

Whether alcohol is to blame or not, some theorists speculate that Johnson’s tales could actually be true.  Last year, a six-minute YouTube video clip of French astronaut and renowned scientist Claudie Haigneré resurfaced after the mysterious death of alien hunter Max Spiers.  The video claimed 59-year-old Haigneré had to “be restrained” after yelling “Earth must be warned” just moments before she fell into a coma.  In 2008, the scientist had attempted suicide by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. The controversial video also details how the laboratory where Haigneré worked, performing alien DNA research, was oddly destroyed in a fire.

Haigneré was a backup crew member for the 1993 Mir Altaïr mission, which included her future husband, Jean-Pierre Haigneré. She went on to become the first European woman to visit the International Space Station in 2001.  Haigneré survived the suicide attempt and blamed the incident on “burnout syndrome” at the time.  However, theorists still believe she was actually trying to warn of an imminent alien invasion of Earth.

Man Warns Earth of Alien Invasion, Arrested for Intoxication
Claudie Haigner, Image Courtesy of National Centre for Space Studies

Spiers was found dead at a friend’s residence in Poland days after warning his mother to “investigate” if anything happened to him.  Those with him claimed he had vomited a black liquid prior his death even though authorities maintained the man had died of natural causes.  

Spiers had spent most of his career investigating extraterrestrial sightings and supposed government cover-ups.  In the last years of his life, he had been probing well-known politicians, businessmen and those in entertainment and was scheduled to give a talk on conspiracy theories just days after his body was discovered.

Exactly what Spiers knew at the time of his death will forever remain a mystery.  Yet, many believe he was silenced by government officials.  As far as Johnson’s claims of a 2018 invasion – guess only time will tell.


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